The Real Reason Hillary Clinton Lost The Election

Note: This blog post was originally published on 11/09/16 on my blog.

Donald Trump pulled off one of the most shocking political upsets in history last night beating Hillary Clinton in a tight race that many pundits predicted would end in an easy Clinton victory.

The poll aggregator site FiveThirtyEight, using highly sophisticated statistical analyses, repeatedly called the race for Clinton, giving her an over 71% chance of winning the 2016 presidential election in a November 8th prediction. And exit polls conducted in several states also augered a Clinton win.

So what the hell happened?

A combination of out and out misogyny from the Trump camp and more subtle implicit gender bias from everyone else.

Trump supporters displayed their hatred of Hillary Clinton openly, often wearing t-shirts emblazoned with mottoes like "Trump That Bitch" and "Hillary Sucks But Not Like Monica" to Trump rallies where Trump referred to her as "Crooked Hillary" and the crowd often chanted "Lock Her Up." And more than a few of them openly wished that it was possible to #RepealTheNineteenth.

Others lied to the pollsters about their willingness to vote for a female candidate, saying that they would vote for Clinton. However, their ambivalence toward women in leadership roles never went away and ultimately swayed them when it came time to pull the lever.

To make matters worse, due to social desirability bias, many Trump supporters were not willing to admit that they were voting for him. They simply expressed support for Clinton and used the secrecy of the voting booth to do what they wanted.

The sad truth of the matter is that slightly less than half of the American population wasn’t ready to have a female commander-in-chief whether they admit it or not. Consequently, this substantial minority blocked the most qualified presidential candidate in history from ascending to the Oval Office. The highest hardest ceiling may have nearly sixty million cracks in it but still remains insultingly intact