the lengths we go to in search of love… and Bovril

First published July 2016

yum yum yum…

There have been quite a few high profile stories of recent which we think really highlight the important role which we hope nüurdle is starting to play in people’s lives. Hopefully by bringing one of these to your attention we can demonstrate just what a fantastic service nüurdle is, and maybe enlighten you as to the benefits of a good beef tea!

Perhaps a few of you have read the story of the Southampton football fans bought together by some amazing customer service from Southampton Football Club themselves. Briefly to give you the low down, a chap as typically bashful as the rest of us and too shy to say hi had to take the step of asking the football club to step in and help play matchmaker, the club then dispatched their mascot to deliver flowers and (for reasons best known to someone somewhere I’m sure) Bovril.

Firstly, a giant tip of the hat to Southampton Football Club; though of course we should not be remotely surprised by the wonderful taste exuded by the milk of human kindness in that most magnificent of counties, Hampshire (okay, see if you can guess where your dutiful respondent hails from)!

Secondly, there must surely be an easier way to achieve the same goal (sorry no pun intended) than contacting an organisation responsible for the setting of your dalliance and relying on their staff (be they dressed as giant furry dogs or otherwise) to help connect you. Indeed there is!

Our enamored football fan was on the right path with using technology (seems he tweeted the club, as you do), but imagine if he’d had nüurdle on his phone. Let’s run with those two scenarios and see where we get. Sans-nüurdle; boy and girl make eyes at each other from a few seats away but neither pipe up the courage to say hello, sounds familiar! Boy comes home and kicks himself, tweets football club, club dispatch mascot to deliver red rose to lady in question. Okay now Mit-nüurdle; boy and girl exchange those wishful glances, boy pulls out his phone and creates a nüurdle describing the encounter and girl in question, girl finds nüurdle and responds, boy accepts and they are whisked off to their own private chat room. All this without having to even disclose your real identity (let alone having your picture in every newspaper in the land)!

I think we’ve all been there, we’ve all got stories of desperately calling round everyone to find out who that girl or guy was and a fair few of us have taken the step of calling up concert promoters, ticket offices, train companies, airlines and even enlisting national newspapers or the international Red Cross (seriously, we jest not!) simply to try and make contact again with that special face in the crowd. There’s probably even more of us that spent weeks catching that bus or walking to places we don’t need to go or going up and down tube station escalators just to try and catch sight of that person again. Well get nüurdle on your phone and lay off the unnecessary bus trips, unless of course you have an Opal card from Transport NSW (but that’s another story!)

Now we’re introducing nüurdleMe mode it’s actually even easier; boy makes nüurdle, girl gets an alert when someone matching her preferences creates a nüurdle in close proximity to her, girl checks and creates response and we have our would be Romeo and Juliet chatting away right away. How easy is that! All this and we have not had to call on the services of a single sports mascot to deliver flowers and hot beef extract drinks, those watching sports are not getting deprived of their beloved mascots and those seeking a touch of romance can do so without coming under the watchful attention of the world’s press and the entire internet.

Back to the Bovril, now don’t get me wrong it might not be for everyone but this beefy drink can really hit the spot on a cold winter’s day (and at the risk of possibly adopting some kind of corporate sponsorship / freebee I’d go on record as stating that drinking Bovril whilst coding nüurdle led to significantly less bugs than coding under the influence of Cooper’s Pale Ale, get in touch Bovril…) All that said, I don’t think anyone anywhere has ever seriously trumpeted the aphrodisiac qualities of this product? That said it seems Joan Bakewell’s views of 1940’s romance need to be investigated further. Now we know what kind of cultured literature that Southampton mascot must be reading inside that large costume, just think all that classical RADA training for a mascot’s costume. As they say it’s a dog’s life!

nüurdle is a cool new app for android and iPhone that lets you reconnect with someone you shared a moment with. too shy to say hi? get nüurdle.

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