Romanticized and idealized version of love, I would say.
Sara Weaver

I understand your ideology on love and how movies, stories, etc influenced the idea of love over the years. But we have seen so many changes over the century, so why not change the idea of love too? Starting a family and other stuffs are followed after we find someone. All I am trying to say is why wait around for one person to give you the magical fairy tale instead of creating your own forever. Love is much more than procreation even though it’s needed for the survival of the human race. This concept of one doesn’t exist. There is always someone out for everyone and all it takes is some level of understanding to take the relationship to next level. We all are genetically made to connect with everyone on some aspects and it’s on our hand to take this connection to a whole new level. Why not work on that? why search for a myth? Communication and understanding is the key to any relationship and it could bring two complete strangers together, not just the special ones.

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