State of mind

My Bootcamp Experience So far

Hi, welcome back. I know you’re wondering, what’s with the faceless image right? well that’s my bootcamp state of mind, It is void right now. Growing up I’ve always loved programming and the adventures the challenges bring with it but the Andela bootcamp has formatted my mind, I don’t feel like a novice anymore but more like a fetus who’s clueless to everything on-going, regardless I’m inspired because like a fetus it can only get better on realization of Life.

My experience so far hasn’t been completely filled with just daunting challenges, actually one of the biggest impact from the bootcamp so far has been my desire to seek for help and assistance, I’ve always been the type to seek out the solutions to my problems regardless of how difficult or how long it took to find but when you have a deadline and you are making little to no progress, humility kicks in (unless you’d rather fail) and I automatically find myself seeking help from anyone, sometimes I meet someone for the first time during this search and I’m surprised at how quickly I convert from introvert to extrovert just to solve the problem.

I’ve also experienced something I think anyone reading should know, I know they say to become a fellow you need no experience in coding please & please that has not been the story so far, I have been drilled on programming like it used to be a long lost friend who’s now found and has so much to tell you, in such scenarios you know the gist would be endless, now imagine someone who’s never met this friend before, the whole gist would sound like gibberish (unless you have an outstanding imagination), the same analogy applies to the bootcamp experience, you learn so much about every facet of programming and how to implement it to achieve optimum result, that sometimes you are lost in the journey. Don’t get it twisted I’m not complaining, honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way but for others who don’t know prepare first, get to know this friend (programming) so that you can distinguish false stories from true stories (what being a programmer entails).

My experience so far has been great and I think the creation of Andela and the ideologies built around it can be defined as the best thing to happen in a country were only bad things are recorded. Bootcamp isn’t done and I’m still hot for more experience. Thanks for reading. choi