An honest review on Thor: Ragnarok

Is Marvel just going to keep increasing the comedy value?
How much is enough?

Thor Ragnarok is a comedy action movie, or simply put ->


Take Thor, mix it with Hulk.
Put your hand on the “comedy” button, press it and never release it.

It’s this movie.

And it doesn’t actually stop, throughout the entire time. You can’t quite figure out how much it takes itself seriously. And it’s so goddamn good.

Before you go on about and watch it, you need to put yourself in a spectrum where you’re going to enjoy senseless beating and constant, crispy comedy.

It is definitely worth watching. It is worth your time, your money and putting on clothes to get out of your home. (Or just do it like me, I never put on clothes.)


Well, what can be said about the story on a Marvel movie?
However you want to put it, it’s actually nothing so special, there’s obviously no level of “deepness” to it. It’s very linear, of course, with a happy ending — Although I have to admit, very enjoyable.

It’s structured for the sole purpose of starting what is going to be the actual, gigantic movie: Infinity War — while closing down the history and settling the character of Thor for good. (Much better than what they did with Iron Man)

I think Marvel, with this one, truly captured the perfect combination of “comedy” and “action” to it’s MCU. Sorting out everything that lacked in the second installment of “Guardians of Galaxy”. 
The comedy was throughout really enjoyable, it was predictable, but we can’t pretend much of it — it’s classical “Thor & Hulk” memes.

The story also doesn’t hold to a very interesting villain. It’s really unfortunate because of Hela’s position in the comics, but at the same time I can understand what the movie wanted to speak about, so I really cannot be as frustrated as I did with other movies. *cough*Wonder Woman*cough*

It does, at the same time, bring up new, fun characters (To the MCU). Korg (voice acted by also director Taika Waititi) was an absolute blast and pure enjoyment at everything he said. It can come out as pathetic or annoying, but that just means that you shouldn’t watch superhero movies.

I can’t talk enough about comedy without entering the realm of “acting”, and in doing so, eventually to the actors.

/I will only “in-depth note” some of the actors\

I’ll say this, and it took me SIX movies to finally agree and accept it: Chris Hemsworth brought Thor to a level as high as Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman did with both Iron-Man and Wolverine. I can’t “unsee” a Thor that isn’t Chris Hemsworth, and this movie put on that thought the final stone.

He showed passion to a character that ended up developing itself positively in barely 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Mark Ruffalo, boy, they finally made him lose that terrifying, horrible gloomy attitude of the Avengers movie. He finally embraced his nature, and so Mark had more room to depict a promising version of Bruce Banner.

Cate Blanchett was disintegrated by the flatness of how they shaped Hela. The villain was disregarded and had no soul. It was just big talk, terrible powers, besides being a Charlie’s Angel and ultimately she didn’t show anything positive for the movie, except some stuff you will need to see.

Tessa Thompson was a FANTASTIC Brunnhilde. She portrayed that character to a point where the seconds passed and I loved her more and more. I can really say nothing more or add to it, just watch her.

I won’t talk about how the Hulk acted because you need to see it first-hand. He’s the big star here, remember, this is Hulkhor: Ragnasmask.

Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster is fucking weird, man… Weirdly good?


Here’s where it gets interesting.
There’s a load of color combinations that I found soothing, very soothing and that is perfect because it brings out from the screen the variety and SATURATION of what this movie actually is. The palettes were perfect.

I found the CGI, in some of the action/fighting scenes to be lacking a little bit, especially in very fast-paced shots it looked very unrealistic. And the same can be said about everything, to the brittle of walls getting destroyed, to some of the weapons portrayed.
I don’t actually know what happened there, maybe I was too focused on it and eventually could see past the CGI (which is a big mistake to make), but unless you are actively trying to do so it’s really minor.

Choreographies, I was actually impressed. The past “Thor” movies were just a bunch of “tank & spank” moves. Fortunately, this wasn’t entirely the case, near the end, it lacked a bit, but it’s not very noticeable considering everything that’s going on.

Music, there was distinct moment where it went from a more classical route to then being mixed out with a more electronic feel, it was a really hearing stimulating oxymoron, so to speak. 
I will never get tired of The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.


All things considered, if we’re about to take this logically…

The pros definitely beat the cons in this one.
It is, on that thought, WORTH A WATCH.

And I’ll add something that might stir up some grunt:

My official “favorite MCU movie” has changed.

1. Doctor Strange
2. Thor: Ragnarok
3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Movie: 8/10
Hulk: 11/10

Note that all of this is driven by my personal opinion. If I wasn’t objective in some of the parts of what I’ve written, you’re welcome to make me notice where.

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