By Anna-Kate Miedler

Before I begin, I should make a disclaimer ; I am not Californian but ever since the recall election was discussed in my AP Government class I can’t help but watch the proceedings with interest. Recall attempts seem be fairly common for Governor Newsom (D), who’s dealt with seven attempts since 2019. So if most of the attempts have failed to qualify for the ballot why has February 2020 attempt succeeded?

The number of people who filed were higher than other attempts but not the highest there was and Donald Trump’s reign incited a lot of polarization…

By Anna-Kate Miedler

When I first created an account on this app, I wasn’t sure I was going to write anything on here. I run two blogs that cover the main topics I’d want to write about — why bother?

Two articles and a notification from Medium about paying for unlimited reading later, and here I am. Writing.

What will I talk about on here? No idea. The start of college application season might prevent me from using this platform at all. I don’t even know if people my age use this app.

I have thousands of different interests. I imagine I’ll touch on all of them. If you decide to stick around long enough on this account, you’ll hear about a good quarter of them.

Until next time


Anna-Kate Miedler

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