My life with a 3D Printer(er)

My new life with a 3D printer(er). Long story made short: studied economics, worked as auditor, quit my job to follow my life calling in communication, completed a Master’s Degree in that field, tried to start my new career in the worst moment for the economic situation in Spain, got upset, thought about a Plan B, moved to Vancouver (Canada), met a guy, met his 3D printer, fell in love (with the guy, not the 3D printer), moved together, slept for several weeks with a 3D printer beside of our bed, and after that, finally, caught the 3D printing bug.

It has been several months where words as extruder, PLA, SLS, etc. have begun to be familiar. I’m still a baby in this 3D printing world, but that’s the main goal of the blog: show how I’m learning step by step, and how I’ll adapt it to a girly point of view. I’ve been into social media world since the beginning, few friends encouraged me to start a blog, but if I had ever been asked I would never imagine it would be about 3D printing.

I hope you enjoy as much as I am!

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