The idiot box

Ready for television exorcism

What’s up on public television around the world? The 21st edition of Miniput arrived yesterday at CCCB Theatre (Barcelona), which became the showcase of the most daring and innovative public television productions. Visitors could appreciate a television attempt to reformulate classic formats, reaching a fuzzy line between reality and fiction. Hence sometimes television ends up being a social worker.

Can a reality show change people’s idea about life? Benefits camp is a Dutch programme which invites six unemployed families to spend some camping days. There, participants realise that everything is aimed to their labour reinstatement and the campsite become a place where idlers are abused. Danish television, however, follows realities’ contestants after having appeared on the screen. The result is The other side of reality, showing how fame isn’t as ideal as it seems.

Benefits camp (Netherlands, 2014)

The actor Yehuda Levy, one of the most renowned of Israel, shows its two faces in VIP, a metafiction that addresses the duality of this celebrity and his attempts to have a normal live. Another documentary is Autumn tingles, a German experimental fiction shot in 48 hours based on improvisation of 13 actors.

VIP (Israel, 2014)

The last school year of Chilean teenagers is crucial. Doubts and worries of students, who must choose go to university or start working, are reflected in 12th grade documentary. From a different perspective, Finding independence at 38 explains the inability of a Japanese man of 38 years to break free from their parents’ house.

Breaking with traditional television news format, The rapped news raps latest information. The Senegalese programme addresses news from a critical and humorous point of view. Miniput also projects Male birth, which adopts science live event format. It shows the experience of two men who lives women birth feelings.

The rapped news (Senegal, 2014)
Male birth (Denmark, 2014)

Miniput is the state exhibition about quality television. Isn’t a market. Isn’t a festival. There are different sessions of projections and debates with the heads of the most innovative, provocative, educational and public service vocation programmes. It’s every December in Barcelona since 1994.