Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

The fundamental problem with this piece is that it argues that it is okay to mislead and lie to consumers, because they should instinctively understand the bullshit that flows from your mouth, therefore they are at fault when you say “Yes”, you can do X, when it turns out you can’t do X and X was never even implemented.

Also, that devs should be allowed to say whatever the hell they want to sell their game even if it is a blatant lie. You can’t deny that you said that, because you said he doesn’t need to properly answer every question about multiplayer. And it’s not like he can’t issue corrections. He gave the exact same answer in different situations, very specifically, even on Twitter! Hell, after the game came out, he was still weasel-wording the inclusion of multiplayer. Once, sure, I could see a mistaken mis-communication. But multiple times, in the exact same way, in different mediums? That’s not a mistake, that’s intentional.

I can no longer support you or your games, if you believe this is fine and excusable.

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