Fundamental Of Design - Content in web design

Content in web design

In Web Design, Content Is King! The design must reflect the spirit of content and communicate with its idea.

“Content is King” — Bill Gates, 1996

Websites are actually a means to distribute content, and it is that content and access to it which should be the core to every web design.

In order for the content to be the core of the design, the website needs a few things: easily visible content, easy and clear navigation, and to be functional.

What do I mean by this?

Here is an example wheres the content is the core of the design.


GitHub is a development platform. Developer can host code, manage projects, and build software alongside millions of other developers.

The GitHub design really elegant, simple and large type that intentionally mashes with the easily visible content, easy and clear navigation, and functional to reinforce the grasp between developers and the plateforme.

Content : Formal mission targeting developers who are looking to bring thier projects alive.

GitHub Screenshot 2017

And here anther casual example ..


Roobar has a simple recipe that offers a healthy choice. the brand message is fun and playfull, they show it cleary in thier design as it clean, colorfull and large type that intentionally mashes with irregular shapes to reinforce the playful bussenies.

Roobar Screenshot 2017

How does content influnce design? and what sholud look at when preparing for a new design?

Study the Brand

First, you need to study the brand so that you understand what it stands for. Get to know the story behind the brand, observe the team and figure out the vision, mission and values of the company. It is important to dig deeper into the brand so the style guide you produce based on the content will visually and emotionally represent the organization.

Attributes that influence the design…Img source

There are three main attributes of content that influnce the design.

  • Audience : Age, Gender, Cultural niche, Life style …..
  • Tone: Formal, Casual, Sarcastic, Friendly, Informational ……
  • purpose: Information, Social, Conversion …..
Img Source

Answering this questions about the content will enable the design outline to be ready.

Don’t just rely on what you think; as you move forward with the project — observe the audience and the users how they interacte with you design; what do they really like?

The more you refine your communication style for your audience the easier it will be to carry them with you.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of why content is king in web design. You also should have a little bit better understanding of how to emphasis and use content in your next projects. So let’s jump to The Fundamental Elements of Design in the next artical.

The Fundamental Elements of Design