Sadly, Medium just lost a rather lengthy comment I just drafted, so I’ll keep it quick:
Sonia Simone

Pardon me, but if there are genuine concerns please do investigate and if you find any solid evidence please come back and present it — until then, I am afraid, I’d dismiss this just a fear-mongering propaganda.

Remember the WMDs?

As for the three-quarters: yes, there might be certainly legal difficulties, but — simplified — where there is a will there is a way.

If the popular vote (three-quarters) is against the popular vote (no electoral college) I am afraid there is little you can do. You either accept that popular vote or you decide to leave the Union (similarly to California’s plans for the US and the UK for the EU). Often it is difficult to have it all.

I am not saying all the criticism Deborah Ng (to be fair, a fake-ish name too and you still responded ;-) ) brought forward is unjustified and should be completely dismissed. I’d share the bit about his family being possibly involved too much for example. What I criticised was her attempt to delegitimise his presidency with the popular vote argument.

Trump might be the current enfant terrible of US (and possibly international) politics but that still does not change the fact that some of his views and statements (even if they could be delivered in a more diplomatic way) do bear a lot of truth — particularly compared to (and I am not very fond of that word) “career” politicians on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.

I am certainly no “Make America Great Again” colour guard but I am equally not someone who blindly follows the mass hysteria and participates in staged not-my-president riots. I do try to form my own opinion.

Trump got elected, he is certainly not the most diplomatic person (but that was well known before he even ran) but he now got four years to do the job. If he is (objectively) successful you can opt to re-elect him in four years, or not. If he is not, you still have the chance to make a better choice then.

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