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Well thought out and logical post! Thank you for this. I’m sure you’ll get battered and bruised by all sides of the argument, but I applaud the effort to try and keep the conversation civil and “sane” :)

For the record, I was 100% pro-vaccine, never even knew there was a debate about it…Until I had a child… then I decided to research what was in them. I simply read the packaging that comes with the vaccines from that actual pharmaceutical companies. That alone deterred me, absolutely disgusting — they list the ingredients — a cesspool of poisons, toxins, and crap. Then you read their potential side effects — so disturbing…and this is coming directly from the manufacturers of the vaccines. Ask your doctors if they’ve read the inserts… 99% chance they have not. Anyway, then, of course, there’s the plethora of both anecdotal and empirical data out there. We were confused for a long time about what to do. But eventually I sat down and pulled the data from the CDC, Vaccine Manufacturers, VAERS and the NIH and with a few other parents we literally calculated the math behind the risks of injury or death due to the disease vs. due to the vaccine trying to prevent that disease. If you run the numbers, for every single one, it is unequivocally more risky to vaccinate — ergo, your child has a higher chance of death or injury from receiving the vaccine than death or injury from actually getting the disease, according to government and vaccine manufacturer data. Nobody reports these kinds of facts in the news or journals because Big Pharma pays out so much in advertising, so you will never hear about this. Logic, sanity, and science will always lead to the correct path. Unfortunately, our society is manipulated by fear based, greed and power hungry tactics and we are all victims. You must think independently and examine the issues as unbiasedly as possible.

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