EPOCH New commercial Blockchain Development Platform

Nowadays, the cryptographic digital currency market is changing quickly, there are innumerable creative ideas and projects emerging every day. Blockchain technology development officially entered the fast lane phase in 2017. Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing daily in the cryptocurrency market. A large number of Blockchain technology development teams continue to emerge, however, it’s still frequent that the online exchange is attacked by hackers. Unfortunately, the exchange does not seem to have any comparable security capabilities to strengthen the financial security and safeguard the interests of the vast majority of investors. Same as the traditional commercial bank, there are lots of uncontrollable security risks. When the cryptocurrency exchange is hacked, platform users often suffer heavy losses. The current blockchain technology development has a great demand for high-security and high-reliability commercial blockchain technology platforms. The realization of the commercial blockchain technology platform is not only the market choice but also the future direction. It is also the basic guarantee to enhance the overall development level and safety level.

Therefore, this is the way to generate EPOCH commercial blockchain project. The project was launched by experienced Swiss financial people and blockchain industry practitioners. Next month it will start the presale and public crowdfunding which will last about one month. The core aim is to build a decentralized commercial blockchain development platform with a strong technology research and development capability. The core of project’s design principal is based on independent innovation, safety and efficiency, development and sharing.

In 2016, with the rapid development of blockchain technology, EPOCH team members are keenly aware that this will be a great innovation which will change the traditional industry structure, improve business efficiency and reduce the cost of the enterprise.

Since the establishment of the team in August 2015, members of the development team have been committed to research and develop the product framework. In the process of product update iterations and business line upgrade, “Making the blockchain technology in a more efficient, secure and trusted way to access traditional business production” is the business vision and the development goal that the founder of the EPOCH team has put forward, meanwhile the team also adheres to the principle of “independent innovation, open sharing ” to refine product’s design framework, optimize the logic of the code, improve the framework with integrating the existing technologies, and introduce the bft-pos algorithm with its own intellectual property rights.

All these make EPOCH business solution can be centralized and efficient to adapt to the existing enterprise production environment and greatly embodies the core idea of “decentralized” blockchain.

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