Nervos Partners With Leading Crypto Wallet RenrenBit

Nervos Network
Jul 18 · 2 min read

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with RenrenBit, a leading cryptocurrency wallet and lending platform that will be one of the first crypto wallets to enable users to store and manage CKBytes, the native token of the Nervos Network.

“This strategic partnership with RenrenBit will allow us to continue focusing on building the leading blockchain infrastructure for the decentralized economy while still ensuring our supporters have access to the best digital asset services in the market,” says Nervos co-founder Kevin Wang. “We are excited that a top crypto wallet like RenrenBit sees the strength of our underlying technology and our shared vision to create a truly decentralized world.”

As a leading Chinese crypto wallet, RenrenBit’s early commitment to support CKByte tokens months ahead of our Mainnet launch is a sign of the broader blockchain community’s growing interest in Nervos.

RenrenBit founder and Bitfinex shareholder Dong Zhao commented, “As a secure, transparent, and professional blockchain bank, we are very careful about which tokens and crypto assets we support on our platform. We see Nervos as an incredibly promising project backed by an accomplished founding team with decades of combined blockchain experience. We have no doubt that Nervos will help shape the future of this industry, so we are pleased to support them as they prepare for their next major milestone.”

RenrenBit provides secure and transparent crypto services, including cloud, HD, and multisig wallets, and has a comprehensive product portfolio spanning four core modules: depository, transactions, loans, and automated investing. As of the end of June, RenrenBit’s total transaction volume reached 195 million USDT and 10,800 BTC, making it one of the fastest-growing wallets in the crypto space.

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Nervos Network

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