Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that will initially connect Ethereum to Nervos with plans to integrate other chains in the future, is launching on Nervos in February 2021! With native support for ETH and all ERC-20 tokens, Force Bridge — one of three components of Nervos’ next-gen interoperability solution, the…

We’re pleased to announce our integration with cross-chain data oracle platform Band Protocol to bring third-party data to the Nervos ecosystem is complete! Nervos developers can now access price feeds and other real-world data in real time from external sources to power any type of decentralized application (dApp).

The integration…

Ledger wallet

Neuron manages users’ assets defaultly by the internal software key management. While hardware wallets like Ledger could provide a higher security level, which makes it a perfect key storage method for some crypto users. This tutorial will help you to connect your hardware wallet to Neuron, and manage your assets…

How is Nervos is positioned to change the NFT game

Following on from our partnership announcement with NFT protocol IAMM, Flow, one of our community members, decided to take a deeper dive into what makes Nervos a good platform for NFTs.

Below is the comprehensive write-up from Flow that we think makes some good points. Enjoy!

Why Nervos is the best platform for NFTs

“The chart below shows…

Ren Zhan, Lead researcher at Nervos

In a new series dedicated to introducing you to more of our community and team, we will be meeting some of our developers and people behind the scenes looking to make the Nervos Network expand and reach its full potential.

In this first episode, we will be chatting with Ren…

In Part Three of our TrailBlazer Spotlight Series, we spent some time with Russian community lead Alyona Durova.

Just like Jinho, from South Korea, and Eduardo in LatAm, Alyona gave us some insight into the blockchain space in Russia and how she has been growing the Nervos community over there.

Nervos and the Next Level of Blockchain Abstraction

Written by Jan Xie, Chief Architect and Researcher at Nervos

Shortly after the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, we ushered in an era of so-called “altcoin”, in which people experimented with various ideas to extend Bitcoin. Thousands of cryptocurrencies were created. Some of the altcoins survived, while others disappeared. Among…

In our latest edition of Hodlr’s Digest, we speak to Daniel who is a big fan of Chinese Philosophy where things are done with a measured and balanced approach. Daniel’s appreciation of this drew him to Nervos and the way the the project is growing.

Daniel’s introduction

Daniel comes from…

Since 2021 began and we announced CKByte’s ($CKB) listing on Binance, the Nervos community has been anxiously awaiting a glimpse into Nervos’ plans for the rest of the year. That’s why on March 2nd we made the 2021 roadmap our focus for our fifth Town Hall.

Jan Xie, Chief Architect…

Nervos TrailBlazer program

We are excited to launch a new initiative from the Nervos Network, aimed at growing our global blockchain ecosystem with the help of the Nervos community members across the globe.

We have created the TrailBlazer program as a way to increase the scope of Nervos’ reach in different locations around…

Nervos Network

Official account for the Nervos Network.

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