Yet to Titled

Genre: Adventurous fiction

Chapter 1: Drama in the lobby

 A loud, shrill scream rang through the apartment lobby.
 ”What is it honey?” 
 “Malia is biting my foot!!!!”
 Mom sighed, blushing furiously, feeling everyones eyes being pulled towards her. As she pulled one of her adopted children, 2-year-old Malia, off of 11-year-old Jason’s foot, she wondered if Malia and Jason would EVER get along well. “Come on kids. Lets head back to the apartment.” Moms face was getting oddly red, as she rarely got mad. Immediately,sensing trouble, Jason stood up. “Yeah Mom, lets go!” “Good. now I don’t want to hear ANY arguing between you two, or there will be trouble.” Jason blushed. He knew that Mom had a good reason to be mad… he had embarrassed her in front of the whole lobby!! 
 The walk back to the apartment was silent. The only noise was little Malia gurgling as she waddled down the hallway. As Jason looked down at his sister, his guilty expression darkened. Sometimes, he wished Mom never had adopted his sister…
Chapter 2: A fight-And a big surprise
 Jason flinched as Mom glared down at him. 
 “Ok Mom.”
 Mom heaved a sigh and closed her eyes. She hated yelling at her children-they were SO precious to her. Even if they were adopted. “I’m sorry Jas. Its just that-well-um…” Moms voice trailed off. Jason looked up at her encouragingly.
Mom opened her eyes.” Look, this might be a surprise for you, but…we are moving.”
 Silence filled the room.Even little Malia did not make a noise.
 “…WAHT????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Malia began bawling like anything. Jason took no notice. “WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL ME WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME???!!!” Jason’s voice began to crack. Tears flowed down his pale face. “I KNEW YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE MY MOTHER!!!!!”
 He ran off to his room and slammed the door. A single tear slowly made its path down Moms cheek.
Chapter 3:The fight continues…

“Honey, come down for breakfast!”
“Jas, you are going to have too come down sometime or the other. And I am not letting you starve!”
SLAM. Malia started to whine. As Mom crooned too Malia, Jason’s words last night rang through her head. I KNEW YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE MY MOTHER. Was Jason right? 
 The day flew by quickly, and soon Jason and Malia were asleep, but Mom was downstairs packing for tomorrow. The day she was dreading. The day that the family was MOVING. 
Chapter 4: Hug-and-make-up

“Kids, Wake up.”
A small groan came out from under Jason’s pillow. As he sat up, Mom saw all the tear stains left behind from last night. “Oh Jas…I’m sorry. You are not the only one who does not want to move…” Mom quickly wiped her eyes. “Lets go.” Then she stumbled out leaving a very heart-broken Jason to get ready.
 Finally, everything was loaded into the moving truck. “Mom?” Startled, Mom turned around. Jason had not spoken to her in what felt like years.
 “Yes Jason?”
 “Mom, I’m sorry. I know that you have been all stressed out lately with all the moving and getting fired from your job stuff, and I know I have not really been helping…so…um, can we please make up?” 
 Jason spoke very quickly, wanting to get it over with. Moms eyes grew wide. “Oh Jas, didn’t you know that I had forgiven you all along?” She ran over to Jason and flung her arms around him. “Jason,” She whispered in his ear,”No matter where you go, or where you are, always remember; you may not want to be my son, but I will ALWAYS be you’re mother.”

Chapter 5: An exiting discovery

Bump, bump, bump. Mom groaned. She was feeling very nausea's and tired. “Would you please slow down a bit!” She called up to the truck driver, as politely as she could.”Sorry ma’m. No can do. The drive is still another, say, 12 hours, and I have a schedule.” That did not make Mom feel any better. This would be a long drive indeed…
 “Ma’m? Wake up! We are here! Hello? Its 2:00!! Hey, kid, wake her up, will ya? thanks!” Jason reluctantly agreed, wanting badly to get up and stretch his legs. So he felt his way through all the suitcases and furniture towards Mom. Abruptly, he stopped, feeling something smooth and fancy. He grasped it in his hands, wanting a better look. Edging his way to a small window, Jason held it up to the moonlight and saw…a pretty woman?? What? He thought to himself. Jason was expecting something a bit more exiting. He decided to pocket it and ask Mom about it later. So he went off to Mom to wake her up. But little did he know that the picture frame in his very pocket was the start to an adventure..

Chapter 6: A big disappointment

It was 3:30 A.M. by the time the family got every thing off the truck. The sun was just beginning to come out, so it was FINALLY light enough for Jason to see his new house. He looked up from the big suitcase he was carrying and squinted, trying to make out whether he was facing a gigantic beetle, or a house. He gave up, and shrugged. “Okay Mom, where is the house?” Jason craned his neck back to see his Mom. “Uh, Honey, this IS our house.”
 Awkward silence. 
“No way. You are kidding, right?”
“are you sure this is not the wrong address?”
“Yes. Completely sure. See, look-139, NE Maple tree lane, Lansing Michigan, 20110.” 
 Another Awkward silence.
“Jason? You okay?”
“NO!! Of COURSE I’m not okay!!! You seriously expect me too live in THIS shack?! It does not even LOOK like a house, let alone feel like a house!!!!” 
“Look Jas, I know you were probably expecting a luxurious, cozy, mansion house, but we just cant afford all that. Please understand that.”
With that, Jason ran into the house, and looked around. All he saw were shards of broken glass, Cobwebs, mud, cracked mirrors….you name it.
 Mom followed Jason holding quiet Malia and the huge suitcase Jason had dropped. She shivered, and called for Jason. “ UUGGGGHH!!”
Came the reply. “I CANT BELIEVE YOU MOM!!!” Truth be told, Mom could not make out how she had come to buying this place…
Chapter 7: Settling in

After they had moved everything into the house, it was 6:00, and they were all very tired. “Mom, where is my room?” Mom hesitated. “Um, I myself am not sure. lets go upstairs.” Jason came down the hallway. “Mom, I went upstairs, and there was NOTHING, but a little room with a desk and a bunch of old freaky pictures of the owners.” Mom stared at him.”Are you sure?? I remember reading about five nice master bedrooms…” Jason looked at her unbelieving. 
“You can go see for yourself.” With that he walked of to get all his toys and games. 
 Turns out, Jason was right. Mom walked slowly down the stairs with a heavy heart. Finally, she made up her mind. “Jason, come here!” 
 “ You are going to sleep in the attic.”
 “Whoa. Hold on. I am going to sleep in the attic?”
 “Yes. No excuses.”
 “If you are trying to make my life terrible, you have succeeded, so you can stop now.” 
Jason could hide his tears no longer. So he turned and ran, not caring where, but as long as it got him away from Mom.

Chapter 8: The question

Jason dragged all of his stuff up 2 flights of stairs. Finally, he reached the attic, gasping for breath.
He gratefully dropped his stuff, and looked up at the bare door in front of him. Jason sighed. Hopefully, he would get used to this…
 Jason moved his air mattress, pillow, Video games, and blankets to the coziest corner of the room. And after, say, 10 more minutes, He was done. Jason stood up to admire his work. It wasn’t that much. All there was, was a little air mattress, next to that was a little side table with a lamp and games ( the side table Jason found in the creepy room with the desk and pictures.) PICTURES. Something stirred in his mind. PICTURES. Jason remembered. He practically FLEW down the stairs, his feet barely touching the ground. Jason ran to the coat closet and threw open the door. He fumbled through his coat and finally found it. THE PICTURE FRAME.
“ Yeah honey?” 
“um…I have something to ask you…”
Mom came in from the kitchen holding a bowl of baby food. “Jas, you look hesitant to ask.”
Jason blushed. “ Yeah…well, um, well I found this in the moving truck, um, and, ugh.. do you by ANY chance, um, know what this is?” Jason held out the picture frame. Mom gasped. “Jason Daniel Brown, WHERE did you find that??!!” Mom looked shocked-almost scared. “Ugh, Mom, is it a bad thing I found it?” Mom looked down at Jason. “Well…to me, yes, it is quite a bad thing you found it…” Mom buried her face in her hands. Jason felt very awkward. He had NO idea what was so bad about finding a portrait if a pretty lady…

Chapter 9: A disappearance

“Hello? Mom? will you please tell me why you are so upset just because I found a picture of a pretty lady???” Mom looked up from her arms and Jason saw that she had been crying…A LOT. “ Jason…I’m afraid that that is a story for another time. I have to go do something….I love you honey.” Saying so, she kissed his head, and ran to her and Malia’s room, and slammed the door. Jason heard a lock click. At this point, Jason was beginning to think that his mom was crazy. His brain said to go up-stairs to his room and figure out why Mom was so mad and upset, but his body took him over to Moms room, and knocked on the door. Surprisingly, there was no answer. “Mom?” There was no response. “MOM??!!” Still nothing. Jason burst open the door pushing with all his might. ( The lock was old and VERY rusty ) Jason looked all around the small room. All he saw was a creaky bed frame, vanity dresser, walk in closet, and huge wardrobe. Jason’s heart began to pound. WHERE WAS MOM? He could have SWORN that Mom had ran into here…his eyes swiveled around the room. Quickly, they froze on a open window. Jason almost stopped breathing. Could it be? No. NO way. Mom would not do that…or would she? A big gust of wind blew in, chilling Jason. Shivering he dashed out of the room not daring to look back. Panic seized him. He called out to the only person now that he could trust. “MALIA!!!!”

Chapter 10: The start of an adventure…and a letter

Jason dashed into the kitchen. He felt overjoyed at the very sight of Malia sitting there in her highchair humming the tune of “Old McDonald”.
Jason cried out with joy, and threw his arms around Malia feeling so glad that she had not been taken. Poor Malia had NO IDEA what was going on, so kept on humming. Jason picked her up out of the highchair and carried her up to his room. He kicked open the door and laid her down on the mattress. Malia instantly closed her eyes and fell asleep. Good, thought Jason, Now at least she is taken care of. Jason pondered about Moms sudden disappearance, but could not come up with anything. He took out a notebook and marker, then began to write:

Open window 
The picture frame

Jason stared at the paper. It was not enough-something was missing. He took out the picture frame and gazed into the lady’s eyes. Something about her made him shiver. Those eyes were so dark, cold and…empty. No love or twinkle to match her beauty. Deep down in his body, where Jason’s darkest secrets hid, he felt that the portrait had something to do with all this. Jason dropped the notebook and stroked the picture frame. His hands ran over a faint bump. He stopped abruptly, and turned the frame over. Jason gasped. A little piece of paper stuck out from behind the picture. He took it out and read:

Dear Whoever is reading this…

Hello. You have in your hands an

life threatening expedition. Solve this

riddle to find the map required. But

be prepared, for anything might

happen. There is NO turning back.

Good Luck. Believe me, you will

need it…

Jason turned it around and continued:

I am not living, and my face is no

certain color. If I am broken, I cause

bad luck. No matter what you do, I

will copy all your actions. You find

in a car to keep you safe, in a safety

kit to warn people when you are

stranded, and in a bathroom to keep

you looking nice.

Who am I?

There was no return address or name. Jason gaped at the paper. What in the world was this? Should he listen to it? Mom had always said not to follow someone/something if you cant see where it keeps its brain. But what choice did he have? Jason needed to find Mom. He decided to follow it and find the map. Jason had a strange feeling it had something to do with Moms sudden disappearance…

Chapter 11: Finding the map

“Malia? Malia!” Jason shook her like crazy. Malia groaned. “Malia, please get up. We have-um-WORK to do!” Jason finally gave up. He took the paper next to him, and read the riddle over and over. No certain color, Not living..Found in bathrooms and cars..Copies all actions…A Shadow? No..Shadows are black, and they don’t keep you safe..Hold on. I got it. Jason stared at the paper. A…Mirror? “YES!” Jason thudded down the stairs and ran into Moms bedroom. His eyes darted quickly over to the old vanity dresser and to the mirror on top of it. Jason ran towards it, and gently took it down. He felt all over it, until his hands ran over another familiar bump. Jason’s heart pounded furiously as he pulled the paper out. It said:

Congratulations, to whoever you are,

for you have found the next step to

your adventure.Before you continue,

remember to study the map shown on

the back of this paper. And please

REMEMBER. NO turning

back. There will be tons of

obstacles and sacrifices to be made.

If you fail this expedition, prepare to

lose your loved ones. Chose wisely…

Jason immediately turned it around, but only to find the same old blank yellowish-white parchment. “What? The letter said to follow the map on the back…But where is the map??” Jason felt confused and annoyed. He felt like ripping the paper into bits. Jason knew feeling like that was no good. He pondered it for a while. He finally came to a conclusion that it was invisible ink. Jason ran out of the room, up the stairs, and into his room. He knelt in front of his duffel, and dug through it. Finally, Jason’s hands caught something. He pulled them out and in them was a invisible ink pen. Jason was silently thanking his grandpa for buying it for him, as he switched in the uv light at the top of the pen. He shone the light on the parchment and saw:


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