Why I Wrote My Own CSS framework — Bootless

During the past few years I have been noticing this really ugly trend in web development that forces developers to use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation. Honestly CSS frameworks are for new developers that have no clue how to make a real website. They just rely on 744kb of code to make a simple single page app that probably uses a tenth of the code in Bootstrap.

As the lead software developer in most of my projects I always have to make the tough decisions. One of those decisions is that we wont use any CSS framework. As a result I always get the exact same complain “not using a CSS framework will mean double the work”. As a result I ended up writing my own CSS framework Bootless. Bootless is a really small CSS ONLY framework that enforces inheritance and it enables developers to built responsive websites with a third of the code. The best part is that Bootless is extremely easy to customize, so your project wont look like every other template out there. Here are the reasons why I made my own CSS framework:

  1. Bundle size: The size of your project will end up being a 1/4 of the size if you where to use Bootstrap.
  2. Code Re-usability: You will be able to use the same code for all your projects.
  3. Cross platform re usability: Because Bootless doesn't rely in any JS you can use it with any framework.
  4. CSS is easy.
  5. You will learn a lot more by doing it yourself.
  6. CSS is all about inheritance: by building your own CSS framework you can learn to leverage inheritance.

LINK: https://github.com/nesbtesh/Bootless

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