La Musica Di Note

This is my new logo which is named La Musica Di Note.I was imagine this logo how will be designed which tool will he have in which colour will be and how will I named him.All questions was founded in my head!I was designed him with line tool and rectangle tool.Sizes of strokes is 4pt.The logo is D+P+Violin key in modern design.First I was maded with line tool a modern font of D and theen I was copied and pasted.Then I was rotated him that he appearance to modern font of P.Then I was designed the modern violin key with line tool that he don’t appearance on circle design of violin key that he looks like a rectangle violin key.Then I was put the logo on white to be in white colour and it’s like sent logo on the back side and you don’t wiew the logo and I was take a rectangle tool and I was make a rectangle put him on the black colour and I was sent the logo on rectangle with tool sent to backward and the logo is designed. :D