Something to start about.

Glass at it’s best form.

Sometime, Something becomes important.

Sometime, Something screws happiness.

Sometime, Something sets your mood up.

Sometime, Something decides what’s next.

Something to write about after some shying away, some reluctance, some nervousness, some excitement. Trying this (writing) medium as a medium to vent out some feelings, some rants, some scribbles all about something that hits my head.

Sometimes, a silent transition of adaptive nature happens, a curious kid inside awakens and HOPES for something better happens when a human transits. The very first view of the new place, the fresh new air that fills your lungs, the drop or alteration of Hertz teaches you that world indeed is a bigger place for a person and as a person no matter how hard the Homo Sapien works on shrinking the planet through connectivity and technology.

Something will keep you wonder why you feel different at a new place and I tried sporting the Baker street Sherlock’s hat to see if my mind(?) palace holds an answer to the rising curiosity. I wouldn’t say I failed, neither would I scream “Eureka” but it indeed answered to me that adapting to new surroundings is a cakewalk for Humans. Let me keep the hat on to let the thoughts and analyzing patterns to flow through, to keep myself engaged and to scribble throughout the journey. :)

Sometime, Something will make sense for all the unanswered questions we hold. And I look forward to that something! I really do. :)