A Short Questioning

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

For centuries, people did not use any technological devices in their social life, and throughout this period, the source of communication was very elementary. Although in the 19th century, with the invention of telegram, and the telephone, the method of communication changed, but it did not completely shift people’s lives, as did the invention of the computers, internet and, of course, social media. With the introduction of the internet and social media in human life, exceptional progress has been experienced in many fields such as technological, economic, social, political and cultural.

I think that we all agree that the Internet, Apps, and social media make life easier for people. However, I guess that these latest technological advancements improved very quickly, and as humanity, we were not fully prepared for this. And, like a wild animal, we immediately attacked these new technologies without defining, understanding or consciously accepting its existence. Especially for people who until now had nothing to do with technology, this process became more complex, and people became addicted. Some people began to show character traits that may have existed before, but which showed up thanks to technology and social media. …


Nesiller Ötesi


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