“I think we’re getting really close to getting funding,” I said to myself. We had just had another VC pass, but THE WAY VCs were passing seemed different to me.

Maybe we were getting close to getting funded. More likely we weren’t.

But you’re so strung out from hearing “no”…

There are some things you never forget when you’re a startup CEO, and watching my co-founder and VP Sales, “Ken,” run around the office yelling, “Hey, Hey!” after we got our first order, is one of them.

We had just soft launched our first product, the TS1001. We didn’t do…

“Congratulations,” I said to “Ray,” a CEO I have been working with. “Getting funding in three weeks is quite an accomplishment.”

“Thank you,” Ray responded.

“Especially, after what you’d been through in your first two rounds of funding, you deserve a little bit of a different tune.”

Then I paused…


Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

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