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How Losing Weight Changed My Life…

I was always a chubby girl. My mom told me that I was 12 kgs when I was 9 months old! I was mocked in my whole life, especially in my high school years. Yes, teenagers are really cruel! At one occasion, I was buying a lipstick, and my classmate told me that ‘you won’t be beautiful anyways, why would you buy this?’. He thought he was funny; but, I did not.

At the end of the high school, I was preparing myself for the prom day. I was looking for a dress, and every shop that I went was saying ‘Sorry, we don’t have a dress for your size.’ I was shocked! The most interesting thing is that I was not aware that I was THAT fat. I found a dress that I would not die for and went to the prom. After that day, I went to a dietician, I started dieting and I lost 20 kgs. What changed in my life?

1) My food awareness increased!

I was eating basically everything, and I was not aware how much I eat. Also, eating outside was the most pleasurable thing for me. However, during dieting, I used to prepare meals by myself and carry my food with me since portions are really big in cafés and restaurants. Now, I do not eat outside anymore. Since, only I can know what is the healtiest thing for me. At cafes and restaurants we cannot know what kind of oil is used, how much sugar they put etc. Also, I don’t consume junk food anymore, they are my enemies.

2) My self-esteem increased and my personality has changed!

I was super shy, silent and introvert since I was afraid being mocked and being hurt. When I like someone, I was always thinking he won’t like me, that is why I was not making a move on him. People wear things to express themselves; however, I was wearing things just to cover myself. I did not have a style. However, when I lost 20 kgs, my self-esteem increased but not dramatically, gradually. I was hiding myself during dieting since I was so depressed; but, when I revealed myself, everybody was shocked. Now, I can express myself with the things that I wear since now everything that I would like to wear look great on me😊 I am not saying, if you are thin, you will find a boyfriend; however, if you love your body and yourself, loving someone will be easier. I did not like fat me; that is why, I could not love someone. But now, I love my body, I love myself; that is why, I have a healthy relationship!

3) I am more energetic and healthy!

When I was fat, I was always tired. It is widely known that carbs make you feel tired, sleepy and weak. Now, I know what to eat to be more energetic. I eat fruits and vegetables instead of carbs. Also, I am doing excercise everyday and it increases my serotonine level which is the key hormone of happiness.

4) I am more organized!

You can ask what the connection is. If you want to be healthy, you have to organize your meal times. You have to know when to eat and you have to organize your daily plan accordingly. For example, I wake up at 9 am and immediately have my breakfast. My lunch is always at 1 pm, that is why, I try to handle my stuff till that time without distracting myself with eating or drinking something. Having such an organized eating habit makes you more concentrated and organized.

Do you want to lose weight? I hope this article motivated you!

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