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Phoenix LiveView is an awesome technology that tries to push Elixir usage for web application way further than the basic Phoenix framework does.

It was presented on April 2019 at ElixirConf EU, and it was immediately a huge hit. It allows to develop real-time, highly interactive web applications, without leaving the realm of Elixir.

You start by defining an initial, server-side rendered .leex template, which is the extension for LiveView Templates, almost identical to Phoenix Eex Templates. …

The good, the bad, and the ugly

On November, I landed a new job at Prima Assicurazioni as a full stack developer, and I was put on a fairly medium-sized project: a webapp written in Elixir, GraphQL and Elm.

In the early days I was trying to get confident with the languages as well as the codebase — functional programming was something kind of new to me. While learning all these new, exciting stuff, I noticed a strange PR:

Translates to “update to elm version 0.19”

I imagined it being something in the likes of a webpack 3-to-4 migration, so I asked a coworker about it and…

… or how I learned to stop worrying and love PostgreSQL.

A trading terminal displaying historical, time-series data in real time

Last summer, when I started to build the first version of ForecastCycles, what worried me the most was: how do I organize historical data for thousands of financial symbols, possibly spanning for decades for each of them?

Apple alone has, for example, almost 40 years of history in the stock market. So what’s the best possible way to store this data, in order to minimize the retrieval time, as well as the execution time of statistical algorithms applied on said data?

Luckily, the problem of storing and querying time-series…

Tommaso Pifferi

Full stack developer and JS enthusiast.

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