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I’m sorry that was your experience, both in breastfeeding and reactions to you going to formula. It’s great though that you feel positive about the support you received!

But. There is a very real difference between your experience and encouraging women to breastfeed, providing support for women to meet their goals, doing and publishing research on its effects. Posts like this one fail to make that distinction, and I think that’s just as damaging as shaming a woman for breastfeeding in a park or for feeding formula.

In absolutely no way is it ever ok to tell a woman they haven’t tried hard enough. It’s not ok that you would feel like you need to explain. Just like it’s never ok to tell a woman her baby’s too old to breastfeed or make her feel like she needs to apologise for it.

This discussion isn’t about breastfeeding vs formula. It’s not about staying at home vs working. It’s about respecting women’s decisions about their own lives. It’s about treating women like adults who are capable of making their own decisions. It’s about allowing women to be responsible for their lives. I think you and I are on the same side, but this post feels like it’s making us face each other over trivialities instead of standing together for the bigger win.