$$$Tipping Into Confusion$$$
Maria Ryan

Ugh, tipping for me — anywhere — is a nightmare. I’m not from US and it’s a completely foreign concept to me. In my home country you generally don’t tip at all. In my husband’s home you just round up to the nearest round number. That’s at restaurants; tipping anywhere else is unexpected.

I find it somewhat galling to look at prices in a menu then have to add not only taxes(what’s with that? but also a 20% tip, for what? A smile? An introduction? The server has a job to do and surely the expectation is that they do it? If a server goes above and beyond — not just smiles extra big or draws a picture on the receipt, but something real that makes the experience easier for me, I’m happy to show appreciation with a tip or good review. But because it’s expected, so the server can buy their own meal? That leaves a sour taste.

(Note: I get that servers are paid shockingly low wages and ups make up most of their income. I don’t understand it, but I know it. So I do tip, reluctantly)

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