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Hey guys, i’m 25 on the 18th of January and leading one of the largest developer training companies in Africa with 60,000 software engineers around the continent learning to code, and hosting over 40 engineers in a residential program on our campus. Still in the gist, I am a part of one of the fastest growing not for profit organisations that has reached out to 5000+ kids in 2017 alone across Africa and the Middle East.

My name is Kitan David and I work with PlanetNEST as a cofounder … (**insert a laughing hard face)

I also sit on the…

“Against popular opinion that female techies aren’t beautiful, I think I have met more beautiful female techies in my short time of about 7 years in the industry.” — ‘KitanDavid

So there has been a lot of advocacy for women in everything; women in politics, women going to war and obviously women in tech.

Although women in tech itself has so many divisions like women who co-found tech companies, women who code, women who work in tech companies etc.

I know a few women in the tech industry doing great, for example Grace Akintubosun, Nnenna John, Jessica Colaco, Juliana Rotich…

Basically, I reached out to over 5000 African kids this year through our SeedDEV program especially those in the under-served or rural areas as you may like to call them of the continent.

We visited these kids in a water logged area — Igbekebo

When majority of these kids are asked the above question, I get wowed with their responses based on the originality of their individual minds. I sometimes have to confirm if we are in 2017 and if the kids really know what year we are really in.

A lot of decisions are made in eateries and local joints, and chicken republic was where I met Lara Alonge for the first time and she was hired.

Lara Alonge

Wait! 56 hours earlier

I was scrolling through Facebook after a long day with a lot of jobs still on my desk undone, but man no go kill himself na, I tire enter body that day. I noticed three friends of mine Victor A. …

The story of emerging tech cities around the world has been a greatly debated topic among techies and industry founders now for decades, why some people strongly believe that you should move any tech startup to a known tech city close to you, some others are on the other end of the chain with a strong belief that the company that might kill your start up is in a location unknown with tenacious founders working tirelessly night and day.

Currently in Africa, we have few cities that can boldly be called a tech city. Topping the list are Nairobi, Jo’Burg…

I got a lot of criticism earlier this year when I described NEST in a Facebook post as “an Andela-like startup” I got responses from family and friends like “Never describe your startup with your competition in view”

Just few days ago, Victor Asemota wrote a post explaining the dilemma of African Startup founders where family says “You’re the greatest”, friends say “You have a wow effect and you’re going places” and the market says “you’re shitty” even though the market doesn’t say it verbally but they say it indirectly when you check your expenses and revenue chart; you immediately…

control css animations with data-attributes

A lightweight jQuery plugin for controlling AnimateCSS-based animations applied to DOM elements, on page load, using data-attributes (not viewport-dependent)

in simpler terms…

Remember WOW.js? Awesome stuff, I use it all the time, but there’s this issue I always came across — if the page was refreshed, all animations outside the viewport (to the top, too) wait till you scroll back to them before they fire.

This sometimes is undesirable (for me), so I wrote this little piece to help trigger animations (with the flexibility that data-wow-duration and other WOW data attributes present) on pageload without the added 'in-viewport'

Primary school days in Nigeria are one of the most defining moment of a man’s life. We tend to remember everything we were taught, we still sing the rhymes 20 years after, we grow emotional affections for our teachers. Some of us even had our first crush in Primary school.

Being the first child of four with 12 years age difference between me and the last, my missionary Dad took it upon himself to teach me first at home before i attended any school, so i missed the usual Kindergarten classes and started school at nursery one.

My teacher was…

Kitan David

Future Of Work Africa. Preparing Africans for the Workplace of Tomorrow. Talk to me about AI, UIUX, Big Data, Vertical Farms and Policies.

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