We are living the evolution of the Mexican ecosystem

Starting a company is complicated, in the early steps of your startup (I don’t like the idea of referring a new business in México as “projects”) there is so many questions around your business opportunity, dozens of hypothesis without knowing the right answer: who is your customer, what is the right business model, which channel is the best to attract customers (founders without expertise invest a lot of money on FB ads saying all my customers are living there 24/7 so I have to approach them quickly)

At that specific time my recommendation will be start talking and then take action; you should start speaking with other founders, mentors, people who are involved of the startup ecosystem; this people will give you a lot of suggestions — advices and some of them will you recommendations of which steps you need to do first and the following steps after the first move. Sometimes you will face with the “startup gurus”, those guys never created a startup but have read so many books so they think are business visionaries (my recommendation is stay away of them).

I started 5 years ago involved in the startup ecosystem by attending a meetup by mistake at ITESM Campus Guadalajara, it was so different than right now, the startups at the city could be counted with one hand, the investors in that time were inexistent (some people give money as a loan for the companies but they call themselves as investors) and the startup knowledge was limited and experience started growing.

Today the ecosystem is different, we are living a “Entrepreneur Revolution”, there is hundreds of startups @ Guadalajara and other cities in the country, the investors are participating bringing value to the companies, there is countless of meetups, meetings, communities for entrepreneurs and for angel investors too.

We are living an evolution of the ecosystem, speaking as a founder we have to work hard to impress our market, the talent is growing we have Mexican / Latin American engineers who worked at international startups and they are bringing knowledge and best practices into our companies, incubators / accelerators are injecting energy to the ecosystem looking for an explosion on it, so many good things are happening right now to talk about.

The ecosystem is not mature, we do not have unicorns at Mexico, we do not have a lot of engineers from India, US, Europe involved at the Mexican startups, we have to work really hard to achieved that, definitely we are going to take the ecosystem to the next level but we have to work together to reach that, competing each other to impress our customers, our country and other countries at the world… definitely I believe we are going to be there soon.

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