Our top 3 Product Hunt tips for a successful launch

Last week, nestpick launched on Product Hunt and, as we inaugurate our #startuphacks blog series, we thought it would be interesting to share our take-aways with you.

How it went for us

In the first 24 hours, we got over 2000 sessions on our website, mainly coming from New York and San Francisco, and we were upvoted 183 times, which took us straight into that day’s Top 10. While the traffic generated did not turn into actual conversions as nestpick is not presently active in the US, we got to spread the word about what we do, and got plenty of very useful feedback on our product.

We are more than satisfied with our Product Hunt experience and our stats; however, there’s no denying that, if we had been slightly more prepared, we could have taken better advantage of this exciting opportunity. In this post, we have summed up our top 3 Product Hunt tips for a successful launch — because your product can only be posted to PH once, you will want to make sure you are prepared.

Our Top 3 Product Hunt tips

1. Timing is (almost) everything

In order to get featured on Product Hunt on the day you are hunted, you will want to give users as much time as possible to upvote your product. Keep in mind that the Product Hunt servers are run on GMT -8 time, so make sure to adjust the time of your posting depending on where you are located. For nestpick, that meant going live on PH are around 10am Berlin time, just as a new PH day began on the US West Coast.

2. It’s your job to initiate the conversation

Immediately after being hunted, you should begin connecting with the PH community. Firstly, you’ll want to follow and tweet @ your hunter, thanking them for vouching for your product. Secondly, you should comment on your PH thread, introducing your startup, and giving users the opportunity to connect with you. Aside from visibility, Product Hunt can provide your team with tons of valuable feedback on your product, so make sure the community’s aware you are eager to receive comments from the very beginning.

3. Product Hunt traffic must be looked after

If all goes well, being hunted on PH will generate abnormal traffic to your website. You will firstly want to make sure your servers are ready to support this traffic. Secondly, it may be a good idea to set-up a referral message to greet your PH users as they come on your website, perhaps including an offer designed especially for them. Here’s the best example we could find taken from Agolia’s PH landing page:

Have a look at our Product Hunt feed and feel free to share your feedback in the comment thread!

This post was originally posted on the nestpick blog on May 13th, 2015.