Welcome to Filter Blogging

We as an online community is generating so much content each day, there is no way to measure it anymore. How many blogs generated each day? Probably few million — can’t get an accurate number these days. Here’s another number — we send more than 200 Billion emails everyday.

What have we turned into?

We are not against generating information. However, we feel that we also need a way to make sense of this information.

Welcome to Filter Blogging.

We are building Netcurate.com for experts and coaches so that they can get an existing piece of content (probably which they came across) and share it with their community. But before sharing it, we want them to write their own opinion (we call it viewpoint). This will help the new leads, existing followers and die-hard fans to get some clarity on what’s going on around them. Because they not only have an expert pick the right piece of information but also this expert tried to make sense from this information.

Welcome to the world of Filter-Blogging.

(right now Netcurate.com is free. But won’t be for long. Signup and start to put context around content)