Even faster code formatting using ESLint



  1. Install File Watcher plugin: Preferences → Plugins → Install JetBrains plugin → File Watchers
  2. Add new File Watcher: Preferences → File Watchers → Add → Custom and fill the config as follows:

Visual Studio Code

  1. Install ESLint extension: View → Extensions → find and install ESLint.
  2. Reload the editor.
  3. Enable auto fix: View → Command Pallete → Open Workspace Settings → add: "eslint.autoFixOnSave": true line to the settings

Sublime Text 3

  1. Install https://packagecontrol.io/installation
  2. Install https://github.com/TheSavior/ESLint-Formatter
  3. And then allow to auto fix on save: Preferences → Package Settings → ESLint Formatter → Settings and add "format_on_save": true to the settings file:
  1. Install linter-eslint plugin: Preferences → Install → type and install linter-eslint
  2. Install all dependencies (and restart the editor couple of times during installation)
  3. Enable auto fix on save: Preferences → Packages → linter-eslint and check Fix errors on save checkbox:

The End




Software engineer. https://netczuk.pl

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Tomasz Netczuk

Tomasz Netczuk

Software engineer. https://netczuk.pl

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