The City of Madrid recommends going to the Metropolitan Wanda two hours before the match against Malaga

The special service of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) to go to the Metropolitan Wanda from the Canillejas interchange will have frequencies of five minutes, while the club Atlético de Madrid will manage 3,031 high capacity parking spaces (cars will have to be occupied at least two people and are allocated to members with subscriptions made prior reservation), have informed on Thursday the delegates of Environment and Mobility, Inés Sabanés, and Safety, Health and Emergencies, Javier Barbero.

From the City Hall have called for the use of public transport to go to the stadium this Saturday, in its opening day, given that the Metropolitan Wanda has capacity for 68,000 people, but the parking spaces are only 3,000 and the neighborhood does not have capacity for accommodate a large number of vehicles.

On the other hand, the City Council has recommended to go to the stadium this Saturday at least two hours in advance within the specific mobility plan for the first meeting of Atletico Madrid in the Metropolitan Wanda. In this device are coordinated Municipal Police, agents of Mobility, EMT and the General Direction of Traffic.

The special service of the EMT will operate with a specific regime providing service on the days when football matches or other events are held. The service schedule will be adapted to the time of the meeting, so that it will start working two hours before the match and will end an hour and a half after its end.

The itinerary of this special line will be circular and one way only. You will start your journey in the Canillejas interchange, with connection to Metro Line 5 and EMT lines 77, 101, 140, 151 and 200, and continue along Luis Aragones Avenue until you reach Plaza de Grecia, where is the stop of the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

From this stop will start the journey back to Canillejas that will cross the avenues of Arcentales and Canillejas, and the street of Alcalá, with an intermediate stop next to the metro station of Torre Arias. The line will run with five buses, which will run with frequencies every five minutes.

In addition the EMT will reinforce the days of party, the service of other bus routes that allow access to the stadium. They are the lines 28 Puerta de Alcalá-Barrio de Canillejas, 38 Manuel Becerra-Las Rosas, 48 ​​Manuel Becerra-Barrio de Canillejas, 140 Pavones-Canillejas and line E2 Felipe II-Las Rosas.

In case of use of private vehicles, the recommended routes would be, as a matter of priority, by high capacity roads: M30 — A2 — M40 — access to the Wanda Metropolitano de Arcentales avenue; M30 — M23 — M40 — access to the Wanda Metropolitan stadium of Arcentales Avenue.

Alternatively it would be done using the rest of the road network. From the center of Madrid, there are two options: the M30 — Daroca Avenue — Francisco Largo Caballero Avenue — Arcentales Avenue — Greece Square — access to the Wanda Metropolitano Avenue Arcentales Avenue or Luis Avenue Aragonese; and the weekends and holidays (a section of the Avenue of Arcentales cut): M30 — Daroca Avenue — Francisco Largo Caballero Street — Free Teaching Institution — Emilio Muñoz — Miguel Yuste — Avenue of Arcentales — Plaza de Grecia — access to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium by the avenue of Arcentales or by the avenue of Luis Aragonés.

From the south of Madrid there are also two options: Fuente Carrantona Street — Alsace square — Aquitania square — Canillejas avenue to Vicálvaro — Arcentales Avenue — Greece square — access to Wanda Metropolitano Avenue Arcentales or Avenue by Luis Aragonés; and Calle Fuente Carrantona — Alsace square — Aquitania street — Sweden street — Greece square — access to the Wanda Metropolitan stadium on Arcentales Avenue or along Avenida de Luis Aragonés.

From the north avenue of the Andes — Felipe Juvara bridge — aveida of the Twenty-five of September — San Romualdo street — Arcentales Avenue — Greece square — access to the Wanda Metropolitan stadium by Arcentales Avenue or Luis Aragones Avenue.

Metro de Madrid has prepared a device to reinforce its services capable of putting in circulation trains every three minutes (Madrid direction) and every five (Coslada direction) from the station of Metropolitan Stadium. A few meters from this station are the stations of Las Rosas (line 2) and Canillejas (line 5).

In addition, the Regional Transportation Consortium plans to strengthen lines 223, 224, 226, 0286, 288 and 289 from Alcalá de Henares, Torrejón de Ardoz, San Fernando de Henares and Coslada.

Nearly 1,300 security personnel for the inauguration of the Metropolitan

About 1,300 troops will participate next Saturday in the security device of the opening match of the Wanda Metropolitan stadium, which will face Atletico Madrid and Málaga.

The new stadium has a capacity of 68,000 spectators, is expected to be an absolute full and is expected to be 400 fans of the Malacian team, informed the Government Delegation in Madrid, which recommends that fans come with two hours in advance to pass the security controls established according to anti-terrorist alert 4.

The subdelegate of the Government in the region of Madrid, Luis Martínez-Sicluna, today chaired the coordination meeting to close the security device to be deployed on Saturday on the occasion of the aforementioned League game set at 20.45 hours, which will open the Metropolitan Wanda.

It has been an extraordinary meeting since the party has not been declared a high risk.

In addition to the subdelegate, the meeting was attended by the head of the Citizen Security Unit, José Luis Correas, representatives of Atletico Madrid and members of the National Police, Civil Guard, Municipal Police, Samur-Civil Protection, Firemen of Madrid City Council and Red Cross.

The device, which has been coordinated by the Government Delegation, will be attended by about 1,300 troops who will ensure that the meeting develops normally and reinforces security both inside and outside the stadium.

Participating in this device will be the Mobile Brigade, Police Intervention Units (UIP), Canine Guides, Subsoil and of the National Office of Sports of the National Police, Civil Guard, as well as Municipal Police, Samur-Civil Protection, Red Cross and vigilantes and auxiliary security at Atletico Madrid.

For the normal development of access to the new stadium, and like the rojiblanco club and the Madrid City Council, the Government Delegation recommends that fans come two hours in advance to the Metropolitan Wanda.

The doors of the stadium will be open at 7:00 p.m. both to facilitate the location of seats and to pass the security controls established according to Anti-Terrorist Alert 4.

It is also recommended to use public transport, mainly through Metro line 7, with the stop “Estadio Metropolitano”.

In addition, the EMT will start, from two hours before and until one hour and a half after the meeting, a special bus service that will connect the Canillejas interchange with the Plaza de Grecia, located in front of the stadium.

Memory of the past, equipment of the future

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the new home of Atletico Madrid, will debut this Saturday against Malaga between the memory of the past, his walk of legends or the memory of Luis Aragonés in the locker room, and a future equipment, with all the innovations in lights, seating or design.

With a capacity of 68,000 spectators, of which 96 per cent are assured that they will be covered against possible rain, on a plot of 88,150 square meters, with an investment of 300 million euros, 240 in construction and 60 in the land, and with 54,000 subscribers, this Saturday will be the time of its inauguration.

The letters of his name appear in the stadium: Wanda Metropolitano. A surname “exciting” in reference to the field in which the Madrid team played since 1923, initially intermittently, because the stadium had to be remodeled several times, one of them after the Civil War, until his move to the Vicente Calderón , in October 1966.

At the top, the amateur will sighted as he approaches the field a giant red-white flag of 338 square meters, raised by a 40-meter mast in the intersection between the west side and the south bottom, a “tribute”, according to idea of ​​the club, to all the followers of the Madrid set.

Afterwards, he will walk along the Paseo de las Legendas, a tribute to Atletico footballers who have defended a hundred times or more on the field the red and white jersey throughout its more than 114 years of history, from Adelardo Rodríguez, with 553 official meetings, until Yannick Carrasco, just reached the hundred.

Luis Aragonés, José Eulogio Gárate, Enrique Collar, Isacio Calleja, Feliciano Rivilla, Adrián Escudero, Armando Ufarte, Javier Irureta, José Luis Capón, Francisco Campos, Josep Juncosa, Joaquín Peiró, Rubén Ayala, Miguel Reina, Alfonso Silva, Dirceu, Luiz Pereira, Jones, Ben Barek, Bernd Schuster, Paulo Futre, Juan Carlos Arteche, Abel Resino, José Francisco Molina, Jose Luis Perez Caminero, Diego Pablo Simeone, Thibaut Courtois, Milinko Pantic, Diego Forlán, the wanted Diego Costa …

Each of them, 153 for now, will have their plate in stainless steel, with his full name and sport, with the seasons he played in the club and the number of matches he played, as will ten soccer players from the current staff: Oblak, Godín, Filipe Luis, Juanfran, Koke, Saúl, Gabi, Carrasco, Griezmann and Fernando Torres. They will be added more in the next courses.

On leaving the local locker room there will be another memory to one of the players, his unattainable top scorer, and the club’s greatest coaches, without which one could not understand the history of Atlético de Madrid: Luis Aragonés, who died in 2014. His photo will be a mandatory stop every time the players go to the grass.

In the field of play, located 15 meters below the zero level, the grass is already installed, in which 440 rolls of grass have been used. They are already placed their goals, prepared for the premiere next Saturday, but also for the first training there on Thursday of Atletico staff.

The lamps of luminotherapy and the heating take care of their maintenance. “Heating is a technology that in Spain is not used too much but it is essential, because of the low temperatures and being a closed stadium requires that plus, that temperature that makes the plant stay alive, growing,” he explained to EFE the general director of the company Royalverd, Eudald Morera.

There, on the grass, will focus the eyes of every fan attending Atlético matches from the stands of the Metropolitan Wanda, about five meters, depending on the cases, closer to the pitch than in the Vicente Calderon, covered in a 96 percent and with the words ‘Atletico de Madrid 1903’

The armchairs, all red except the white ones that will form those letters, are made of polypropylene blown on a steel support, are resistant to fire and ultraviolet radiation.

“The club has preferred to offer more space to its fans instead of having a bigger capacity. Seats will be wider (9 percent more), with a higher back (15 percent) and a larger fund ( 18 percent) than the Vicente Calderon, “says Atletico Madrid of the Metropolitan Wanda.

On top will be the roof, about 46,500 square meters, with dimensions of approximately 286 meters between the north and south bottom and 248 meters between the east and west side, at a height of between 45 and 57 meters on the lawn. Conceived by a team of fifteen engineers, it is covered with a Teflon-covered glass fiber membrane with a “self-cleaning effect”.

A “big leap” of 5 years, 10 months and 12 days

Atletico Madrid will culminate this Saturday in the match against Malaga the “big jump” to the Wanda Metropolitan stadium, five years, ten months and twelve days of activating the clock with an account forward during the presentation of the new camp on December 5 2011 in the City of Madrid.

That day, in the Crystal Gallery of the Madrid City Council, in the Alcalá block of the capital, with presence of past, present and future of the club in an event that gathered 600 people with the motto ‘Our place in the world’ , Enrique Cerezo, the president of the club, activated a stopwatch that will come to an end this very Saturday.

Five years, ten months and twelve days later. From that December 5, 2011 to September 16, 2017, the moment the fans, the team and the competition activate a new era for Atletico Madrid in the encounter of the fourth day of the League against Malaga, the first of many parties in that field.

More than a lustrum of way towards the Metropolitan Wanda from the Vicente Calderón, its stage during the last half century and that will happen already to the indelible memory of the followers, as before did the fields of Retiro, O’Donnell, Vallecas or the old Metropolitan, from which now the surname picks up his new house.

Five years, ten months and twelve days of transformation, at the same time, Atletico, which has changed a lot on that trip to the neighborhood of San Blas, now in the best time of its history with the Argentine Diego Simeone at the front of the bench and with five titles since then, in addition to a consistent classification for the Champions.

The club is again among the best in Europe, with two finals of the top European competition in the last four years, before only played one, in 1974, has won a League, a King’s Cup, a Europa League and two Supercopes (one from Spain and one from Europe), has multiplied its income and is a favorite for everything.

He has changed almost all his squad except six players: Filipe Luis, Gabi Fernandez, Diego Godín, Juanfran Torres and Koke Resurrection attended the presentation as players of the first team and will now open the new stadium, in addition to Tiago Mendes, now as assistant to the rojiblanco technical body.

Fernando Torres has returned to the team of his life, has increased his social mass, already over one hundred thousand members, has multiplied the value of its workforce, the number of international players that play there, competitiveness, winning mentality, illusion … It is a time dreamed not long ago, perhaps the biggest in the history of the team, and a reality now heading for the Metropolitan Wanda, then planned for the course 2014–15 and finally finally in 2017.

Nothing to do with the sporting moment that crossed the team on December 5, 2011. Atletico, then led by Gregorio Manzano, dismissed three weeks later after the elimination in the first round of the King’s Cup by Albacete at that time in Second Division B, was eighth in the classification of the League, just as close to the fourth position as the zone of descent.

He did not play the Champions League; his most recent titles, the Europa League and the Continental Super Cup of 2010, with Quique Sánchez Flores as coach, had been a moment of success without continuity in time, without the constancy that had maintained decades before the red and white team; fighting the League was something really impossible …

And Atlético was looking at the new stadium without the company of the sports success until the arrival of Simeone, a few days later, at the end of the same month in which the new field had been presented, to rebuild a ‘big’ team that no longer it was so much on the field, with an undeniable crisis and an overly doubtful future.

He transformed him immediately, included him among the best in Europe, gave him a League that had not won for 18 years, led him to the Champions League finals that four decades ago he did not dispute and launched a “big leap” with that reaffirm the other that had proposed the club in the presentation of its new stadium.

Atlético reveal that it will only pay 170 million of the 310 that has cost the Metropolitan Wanda

Atletico Madrid is only two days away from opening its new stadium, the Metropolitan Wanda. Next Saturday 16, at 18:30, before Malaga, the rojiblancos will play for the first time in this venue that will open with great fasts. All Saturday will be dedicated to the event (by the way, the City Council has given several tips to avoid the chaos in the accesses) Meanwhile, the club continues to glean data and details, such as the full cost of the work.

Enrique Cerezo, president, confessed yesterday in a special program of Cadena Ser in the Metropolitan Wanda, that all the works have a cost of about 310 million euros, but the rojiblancos have only had to put a little more of the half, about 170 million euros. “The rest is compensation for the lands of the Calderón,” he added.

Cerezo also confessed that, at first, when Alberto Ruíz-Gallardón, ex-mayor of Madrid, proposed to them 12 years ago to take over the stadium, he did not have much enthusiasm. “Now we have a fantastic stadium,” he said.

The president also confirmed his longing to host the final of the Champions League next season and the Spanish football team. “This month UEFA will decide between Baku or here and I would love for Spain to play in this stadium,” he confirmed.

Tips against chaos at the premiere of the Metropolitan Wanda: go two hours before the game and avoid the car

The City of Madrid recommends to go public transport and two hours in advance to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the seat of Atletico Madrid, which opens this Saturday with only 3,000 parking spaces, so leaving the car at home is “a real need “.

This was requested in the press conference after the Government Junta of Madrid the municipal spokesperson, Rita Maestre, together with the delegates of Environment and Mobility, Inés Sabanés, and Health, Safety and Emergencies, Javier Barbero.

In fact, these 3,000 parking spaces will be managed on football days by the club, and must be booked in advance; in addition, only those who carry at least one companion in their vehicle can access them.

The EMT will launch a special bus service with a frequency of five minutes, and also Metro has announced reinforcements to reach the stadium, which only has the minimum accesses that do not include tickets from the M-40.

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