Make Facility and Maintenance Management Simple with 3 Incredible Tools

If you are a facilities and maintenance management professional, you would understand the increasing need for a solution that can facilitate tracking, maintaining and managing assets, properties, facilities and equipment and get the best performance by them throughout their life-cycle. The perfect solution to that is facilities management software and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software). Here are the three important tools every organization can use to streamline their asset and facilities management.


Work orders are the most important thing in a maintenance department to keep equipment in proper condition and ensure productivity and efficiency for complete customer satisfaction. Managing work orders efficiently requires great work order management software, such as the software from Net Facilities.

Net Facilities’ web-based work order management software can be used in the office or in the field providing you the ability to fill out a work order anywhere and notify those attached to the project in seconds. It gives you the power to define and assign several tasks to an unlimited user group fast and easy. You can log all your hours and products used to complete your work orders. Then run comprehensive reports to see everything that is, has, or will happen at your facilities or across all your properties.


Facilities management software makes it easy to keep track of planned maintenance, assets, work orders and much more. With just a couple clicks you can view, respond to and resolve items, or drag and drop them to another day. Your maintenance team will know immediately when a request is submitted or updated, and people will know when their requests have been responded to or resolved.

You can use facilities management software to understand where your team is excelling and where improvement is required. It allows you to manage your facilities from anywhere with web-based and mobile solutions available. You can even define each user’s role and what they are allowed to view and change in your system.


If you wish to increase the effectiveness and reliability of your asset management, facility management, work order management, and facility maintenance, use the Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

One of the best CMMS software solution providers, NetFacilities, provides you with one central CMMS application that gives you comprehensive work order and preventative maintenance controls — all online or mobile with the MobieFacilities application for easy global access.

The CMMS software solution is an online application, SaaS (Software as a Service), that can be accessed anywhere anytime by vendors and managers alike. The NetFacilities system is a seamless way of handling maintenance management across your business.

To know more about how your organization can benefit from CMMS, facilities management and work order management software, call Net Facilities at 866–979–4300 or visit

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