Sitting at the Nexus Point: A Mobile Native Cloud Emerges

A Mobile Native Computing Cloud Emerges

We sit at the Nexus Point. Mobile Broadband is now Ubiquitous; an indelible part of the Fabric. Wearing my AirPods, the case for Voice Interface becomes VERY clear.

After reading what Apple CEO Tim Cook has to say about Augmented Reality, I fully expect Apple to release EyePods, AR enabled glasses.

This is a natural complement to Apple Watch and AirPods, which tells me that Apple will open up Siri as more of a platform.

Voice, AI, Machine Learning, Bots and AR, once fed in and out of a vast array of 10 BILLION Mobile Native Devices planet-wide, including #iOT, will be the Big Bang.

The transformation from Manufacturing to Service Based to Post Manufacturing to the Refactored Age is nearing completion.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

The Refactored Age is when the market transforms into a Surplus of Industries that are Mobile First from the Get Go.

As George Gilder sagely noted a quarter century ago, when key resources going from scarcity to surplus, tremendous wealth creation occurs.

This surplus will enable legions of new players to create sustainable economic value and monetize accordingly.

The Time for Skillful Means is upon us.