The Three Senses

A Metaphor for Our Times?

The transformation that is occurring across America has created massive divisions that are Social, Economic, Political and Idealogical.

They have given rise to there being a Sense of Systemic Risk, there being a Sense of Menace and there being a Sense of Acquiescence to the Socio-Pathetic.

The Choice between Light and Dark has never been more Clear.

The call to action is now, of people needing to find THEIR voice so we can find OUR collective voice. Dare I say, WE-ness?

There is Systemic Risk when there are no Safety Nets. That is just a fact.

We need to figure out the right and proper Safety Nets and how to (minimally) ensure rigourous Cost Control and Measurement of Post Case Outcomes.

But, can’t we all agree on the goodness of society saying, “We won’t let you fall through the floor if you at least give it the good ‘ol college try?”

There is Menace when any Social, Economic, Political or Idealogical group takes the path of aggression to groups of that believe or behave differently.

There is a fundamental Corruption, a kind of rot that eats to the core.

To be Socio-Pathetic is to fail to be good citizens, to fail to think globally; to fail to give more than we take from the planet; to fail to fortify; to fail to unify; to divide; to forget the virtues, the luck and the sense of accommodation from the universe, and instead have become cynics.

It is Pathetic and Sad to run from responsibility; to fail to hold ourselves and others accountable, but minimally holding ourselves to be more.

To Be More.

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