The price of monetizing schemes

Bang on! I resonate with the view. I think it’s also about the way it is used than what the product is. Also the fact that “clever quips” and “latest freak-out over Trump” get shared more often reflects our choices not the product. One can argue that these tools are the cause of it, but no, it’s not completely true. The case is similar to books and has been there as a human issue. Books are an interface to knowledge, and we have a choice which one’s to read and which one to not. The choice of what we give our time to is there (has always been there), instead of feed there are pages in magazines and you will find is people glance over photos of models and stars than reading a story about someone living off the grid. Instead of connections and groups we have titles and genres to choose from and you can easily spot romance novel at airports and stations. 
Just to be clear, I am not opposing or saying these choices are wrong, but the question “is it worth it” is the focus, and very few seem to be asking it before making a choice with their time.

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