ChainMonsters — 1 year anniversary! (+ secret announcement)

This is a personal retrospective from Maximilian Weber, CEO of Netherstorm, Inc and creator of ChainMonsters.

On January 21th of 2018 I released the very first version of ChainMonsters to the world! This is the announcement post for reference:

What a journey it has been! From being one of (if not the very first) 3D games connected to blockchain in this early industry and having a playable demo in your web-browser for people to check out, to various additions and redesigns over the weeks and months.

Feel free to compare the game side by side, it’s amazing how much has changed!

Version 0.1

The game was only available on your web-browser and had Metamask support. Mechanics were limited but it showcased how you could interact within a game to the Ethereum blockchain! As far as I can remember, there were only 12 different monsters available.

Version 0.1 — January 21th 2018

Version 0.2

After weeks of continuous development and improvements there was a new art style, new areas to explore and player versus npc battles. These changes did not come overnight, it took 3 people including myself many weeks to re-design and re-structure the game in a way that made sense (at that time…)

It also made its debut on mobile (iOS and Android) being yet again one of the very first mobile games being connected to blockchain!

Version 0.2 — May 2018

All of this happened while I was fundraising in the USA and attending Consensus 2018 (

Also the crypto market was down and monster sales were struggling.

It was at that time that I realized that there is no way of delivering continuous single player (aka Story Mode) content on a regular basis without sacrificing other parts of the business and game. Also, Netherstorm was in its earliest stage and secretly being schemed out, a long time before I started on the Whitepaper and while talking to VCs including ConsenSys which eventually lead to Netherstorm’s participation in their accelerator program (

This by the way helped ChainMonsters in a way most people probably did not realize — even though they are both two different projects — they were connected and helped each other which enabled us to go into “Full Production” for CM in late August of 2018 (

This is how the game looked in November of 2018:

Version 0.3

Version 0.3 — November 2018

But re-designing several aspects of the game from a graphical and technical POV took its toll — game mechanics were temporarily removed and had to be programmed again — a task which was too much to handle for this small team in limited timeframes.

So… what about NOW?


The result of the last few months is something which is new, which is… different to what me and the ChainMonsters team have done in the past.

Here are the key aspects that are changing— keep in mind this is just a little preview since it deserves a full announcement blog post:

  • Story Mode will be disabled for the time being to help us focus on building out the world, characters and monsters since it drastically improves our weekly and monthly update output
  • The rewards program on the website will be removed — players will have until January 21st to increase their pledge and then each tier will be locked down and saved until we release the Story Mode again and enable players to claim their rewards (like custom avatars, etc) — at this point it is unclear if it will return someday, maybe in a different way.
  • The outdated web-browser game version gets removed (everyone uses mobile/PC anyway)
  • The game website receives a major overhaul focussing on the How To Play section and our new direction…

And here is where it gets really exciting…

New focus

With version 0.4 we have shifted our focus onto the multiplayer side of things which allows us to add new content more regularly and easily.

Blockchain interaction

Monsters are acquired through the marketplace and can then be used to battle against other players in real-time! There are two ways to find other players:

1. Ranked Play

In our new ranked seasons you will be able to battle to the very top of the leaderboard and show that your team is the strongest. Keep in mind that monsters have different strengths and weaknesses so choose wisely!

2. Challenge another player directly

If you want to battle against a friend you can invite them to a private match if both players are online.

Gaining experience and leveling monsters

Each successful battle grants you experience points and increases your monsters levels! All experience, levels and abilities earned stay with each unique monster even if they are traded away!

New marketplace

In order to properly showcase your progress on the marketplace, we are currently re-designing the website.

All of this and even more is coming to your favourite Ethereum blockchain on January 21th…

Keep an eye out for the full announcement in a few days ;)

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