MWC Vision: ConsenSys Tachyon accelerator 2018 participation

We are participating in ConsenSys’ Tachyon accelerator program! Learn what we are going to build and how this affects our games!

Big news

After literally months of preparations and secrecy the biggest news for us this year just broke. We heavily suggest to read this exclusive feature on TechCrunch where ConsenSys Founder and CEO, Joseph Lubin, announced our participation and presented the cohort!

The Accelerator

Over the course of about 10 weeks we are building and extending our Nether platform that brings digital games to the blockchain ecosystem.

Our website will launch soon where we will add a second blog post detailing our vision for this project.

We landed in San Francisco on Wednesday and after a few hiccups on the journey we sucessfully setup our home base for the next 2 1/2 months!

Max pitching our new platform to Tim Draper, Kavita Gupta, Joseph Lubin and the Tachyon cohort

ChainMonsters: New artists and concepts

ChainMonsters will be one of the first in a series of games supporting our platform natively. Next to our platform we are currently revamping our art style and direction heavily to further distinct ourselves from the competition.

The following are just a few design concepts made by our new full-time artist, Sergio, who is also responsible for the newest monsters on the marketplace!

world concept
interior design and character concepts

Besides the art revamp our programmers are currently building our new ability system — once this is in place we can finally add monster and type specific abilities with awesome animations that will heavily influence how you fight against other monsters and trainers.

Keep an eye out on news regarding our platform and follow our social media channels for newest information about the state of our project!

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