First timer

Mar 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Do you remember when you did something for the first time?

When someone asks this question, I always think about my first loves, first kisses, first hangovers, the first holidays on my own…

Or when I had seen or done something for the first time.

My very first time with the sea took place when I was 7 and that was the best feeling ever. Didn’t realize the meaning of “freedom” that day, but I have never again felt it so intensively like that day.

However, do you remember your first day at the new job?

Well, I do. And it wasn’t so great, to be honest. It was my first job and I can remember the absence of the computer monitor at my desk — they have forgotten that I’m coming — so I had to work on some really old laptop, which was restarting every 10 minutes (I have learned the function of automatic recording then). I can also bring to life the memory of being in some place that I don’t want to be, but I need to suck it up and make myself nice despite the uncomfortable feeling inside.

But you know what?

I recently have experienced the best first day and I am really dying to tell about it everyone, so — keep on reading!

I was just hired by Netizens at the position of Project Manager in Katowice. The interview was great (talking about actual work and responsibilities instead of dumb question like “where do you see yourself in a 5 years from now” or “could you tell me how would you use this pen in a different way than writing”) and I really wanted to get the job — I had a hunch that this could be my place, you know.

So I was extremely happy heading to the office for the first time, stressed a bit and really excited.

The first thing that I noticed, was the calm.

It was a typical day at work — people were laughing, talking about bugs, which inevitably have occurred, issues, things that needed to be done that day, but there was some kind of calm in this — they exactly knew how to handle all of this, how to work and what they have to do. There was no stressing rush around it, like I use to have in my previous jobs and which is completely worthless in order to move on with something.

And, what is even more unusual: there were no agile-scrum-mystery talking which you can now hear in almost every place, that is making software. It is some kind of disease, where people are only talking about ideas rather than working, like in some strange hippie-like commune, because agile is so great that you don’t have to care anymore about staff to be done.

The second was a starting kit, so I also knew what to do during this first day instead of pretending to be a use. The computer and the mailbox were already prepared for me, so I could easily start to move around with a feeling that they were actually waiting for me.

At the same beginning, I downloaded the Neti app, which is a great idea itself — not only during the first week, but also later — you can find there all co-workers (no more stress about not remembering people names!) and their telephone numbers, all news, and information about your planned meetings .

The third one was procedures — people always are complaining about it, but I don’t know why — what is wrong with having a guidance? Maybe if you don’t like to read it is a problem, but c’mon. I hate when there are too many rules for everything, but the opposite is even worse because the simplest thing could be done in like 10 different ways, at least.

And people are doing it differently when there is no pattern to follow or just to lean on.

Neti workflow is user-friendly, so I didn’t have to read thousands of subpages, but just a handy how-to-do-it kit.

The last but not least — the people.

They were simply great (and they still are, so it wasn’t a trap :P). It sounds really cliche, I know, but they really helped me through this day. Everyone was so nice and supportive that I couldn’t imagine a better company for this first 8 hours at a new place for myself.

I have no problems with reading and I am a fast reader, so I looked over the whole news section that day and noticed the commentaries and the photo galleries from the integration trips and parties inside the company.

And for the first time, I was like: “I want to be here”.


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