Introducing Netkoin Liquid

We are pleased to announce Netkoin Liquid, a utility token designed to enhance and optimise the functionality of the NTK token and Netkoin ecosystem.

The Netkoin team has been working on enhancing the Netkoin ecosystem by adopting a dual token system. Development of Netkoin Liquid has been progressing in the background.

A two-token (dual token) system will be made possible by introducing a secondary utility token; Netkoin Liquid. This token will compliment the NTK token, enhancing and optimising the functionality of the Netkoin ecosystem.

The development team have already approved and confirmed the first two use-cases for Netkoin Liquid, within Netkoin’s location based advertising mobile application. Additional use-cases are still in review and will be announced once approved by the development team. The first use-cases to be approved include:


Through Netkoin’s location based advertising mobile application, Netkoin holders will be able to stake their NTK. Based on the amount of NTK a user has staked, they will receive LIQUID. The documentation including the process and technical aspects of the staking function will be released in the updated whitepaper.

Reduced transaction fees

Based on the amount of LIQUID a user is holding in Netkoin’s location based advertising mobile application the user will have lower transaction fees when claiming the NTK tokens they have collected within Netkoin’s mobile app. The transactions fees are paid with NTK tokens. The more LIQUID a user holds in their wallet the lower the NTK fee will be when claiming their NTK tokens. The documentation including the process and technical aspects of the reduced transaction fees function will be released in the updated whitepaper.

Updated Documents

Version 3.0 of Netkoin’s whitepaper including a section about Netkoin Liquid and it’s use-cases will be available 28 February 2019.

A dedicated page for Netkoin Liquid will also be added to the Netkoin website on 30 January 2019.

Netkoin’s roadmap will also be updated alongside the whitepaper and website including milestones and development timelines for Netkoin Liquid.


LIQUID is expected to be listed on at least 2 exchanges soon after the completion of the airdrop. More updates will follow once the airdrop has occurred.

Netkoin Liquid Token details

Token standard: Ethereum (ERC20)

Contract address: 0xaC2385e183d9301dd5E2BB08DA932CbF9800dC9c

Token symbol: LIQUID

Total supply: 21,000,000 LIQUID

Token Decimals: 18

Utility: enhancing and optimising the functionality of the NTK token and Netkoin ecosystem.

Distribution details

Netkoin (NTK) holders: 30% approx 6.3 million LIQUID

Staking system: 50% approx 10.5 million LIQUID

Team: 20% approx 4.2 million LIQUID

LIQUID Airdrop details

Ratio (NTK/LIQUID): 1 : 0.0015

for example:

if you are holding:

1,000 NTK you will receive 1.5 LIQUID

100,000 NTK you will receive 150 LIQUID

1,000,000 NTK you will receive 1500 LIQUID

Note: The equivalent LIQUID received will be rounded to the nearest 4 decimals.

Snapshot date: Saturday November 24, 2018 at 7:00am GMT (UTC).

Our team will get all balances data of Netkoin token holders from website on Saturday November 24, 2018 at 7:00am GMT (UTC). These balances will form the basis of the one-off airdrop distribution which will be conducted by the Netkoin team.

Note: NTK held in exchanges will not be recognised in the snapshot. Exchange addresses will be excluded. To receive the LIQUID airdrop you will need to have your NTK tokens in a personal ETH wallet before Saturday November 24, 2018 at 7:00am GMT (UTC).

Any balances after the snapshot date will not be considered for the one-off LIQUID airdrop.


The Netkoin Liquid token contract will be deployed by November 24. Contract address will be shared once deployed.

The distribution of LIQUID to Netkoin holders will begin after the snapshot takes place and will be completed by December 24.

LIQUID will be airdropped into the ETH address captured by the snapshot.

Circulating supply of LIQUID after the completion of airdrop distribution will be approximately 6.3 million (30%).

We appreciate the continued support from the community.


The Netkoin Team

For more information about the Netkoin Project and updates, join us on Telegram:


Brief Overview of The Netkoin project

Netkoin (NTK) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The NTK token will be used to power Netkoin’s universal rewards system on Netkoin’s location based mobile application and business management platform.

Netkoin’s location based mobile advertising application aims to make retail shopping relevant and rewarding for customers based on their location. The mobile application will contain numerous features and filters in order to provide the customer with a personalised retail shopping experience, while maintaining the highest level of user’s data security and privacy.

Netkoin’s business management platform will be utilised by retail stores to enable business owners to manage their stores advertising on the Netkoin mobile application. Businesses can integrate their store’s social media content, providing them with a single place of advertising their businesses content with shoppers. Therefore reducing content marketing management by the retail business marketing team.


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