(Why) The Resistance is Losing
umair haque

“I am not getting the political outcomes I want. Therefore, the entire process is broken.”

This bullshit logic, along with stupid theatrics and pussy hats, is why nobody outside Angry Left Twitter takes the “resistance” seriously. There are a great many voters who do not like Donald Trump that are not cosplaying anti-fascist streetfighters. Who are not wearing vaginas on their heads. Who are not screaming nonsense about “treason” and concocting ever more implausible Hail Mary plays to get Trump out of the White House before 2018. Between the puerile theatrics and — literally! — hysterical tone, it’s safe to say that most people do not sympathize with these idiots.

“The Resistance” is losing because — looked at as a whole — it’s impossible for normal people to take it seriously. You think the real left has any serious political power? What percentage of the electorate considers itself left of neoliberal DNC candidates? Not enough to win shit in 2020. Going further to the left, even a populist left, will be the ticket to losing 2020 by an even bigger margin. The left has no political power because it’s become an echo chamber more interested in refining the moral purity of an in-group than it is in winning actual elections.

Here’s an interesting idea — what if the political left had an actual agenda that could be explained to voters? Something that is more sophisticated than “we’re here to save you stupid gun-toting, Bible thumping, flyover country rubes from the big, bad Republican boogeyman”?

Maybe, then, you could “resist” Trump by actually having a candidate defeat him in an election.

I’m obviously not holding my breath.

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