2016–17 TS%

I have seen him play — specifically, play Boston. I don’t watch Bulls games on the regular.

And first of all, to hell with these New Jack Stats. They may get Bill Simmons a mid-life boner, but they’re still fairly meaningless. Jimmy Butler is the best player on a mediocre team. He needs to the ball to shoot. And shoot. And shoot.

He’s not going to get that in Boston because — hey! — Isaiah Thomas! Another volume shooter, but this time, for a good team. Boston’s biggest weaknesses this season were interior defense, rebounding, and bench scoring. Butler isn’t going to come off the bench for the money he’s earning.

I was hoping Ainge would draft Fultz as part of the long term replacement strategy for IT (who is awesome for six million a year; not so much at 15+ a year). But it looks like Danny wants to keep IT, defensive liabilities and all. The best case scenario would have been if the Kings still had DeMarcus Cousins and wanted to get rid of him in the draft, but no, Vlade Divac screwed that up, so Boston fans are just going to have to trust Danny Ainge that adding Jimmy Butler and Gordon Hayward are going to get the team over the hump (no way in hell, but it will get them a 60 win season and another ass kicking by Cleveland in the playoffs).

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