To try to answer this, let’s divide the anti-antis into three groups.
On Anti-Anti-Trump
Jay W. Cobb

This is overly reductive. The world is not divided into never-Trump, always-Trump, and always-Trump-but-wont-admit-it-for-fear-of-social-stigma.

There are people who are, genuinely, “sometimes-Trump”. That is, there are people whose positions on issues occasionally overlap with Donald Trump, and see the reflexive anti-Trumpism as being an even worse alternative to sometimes-Trumpism.

And then there’s the puerile nature of “The Resistance” which turns a lot of people off (pussy hats! Dressing up as anti-fascist streetfighters! Keith Olbermann and Kurt Eichenwald going full batshit!) that makes Trump look even just slightly better (or at least, less odious) than his more hysterical detractors.

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