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This is the kind of absurd wishful thinking that the New York media is rightly ridiculed for in their coverage of the Knicks. Even the Lakers (hell, even Steve “Paid Twice What The Clippers Were Worth” Ballmer) wouldn’t pay the luxury tax on this lineup, even if there were a feasible way to actually assemble it in the real world (spoiler alert: there isn’t).

You would have to believe that LeBron and Paul George just love the city of Los Angeles so much, goshdarnit!, that they would take massive pay cuts for the privilege of playing with John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, which is also never going to happen.

Realistically, the Lakers will suck less than they did last year, but in a loaded conference, they’re still going to have a terrible record when all is said and done. Maybe better than Phoenix, but that’s about it.

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