To Sell or Not to Sell: Is Holding Ripple XRP Through the Lawsuit a Gamble Worth Taking?

Should I sell all my Ripple XRP or is it a good move to wait for the lawsuit in case they win?

William Mullally
4 min readApr 20, 2024
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Let me enlighten you to a few things first. The XRP Crypto space is not a bubble to itself. Here is proof. As much as we want to believe the Bitcoin narrative of it one day being the people’s money it will never happen. No government is ever going to let anything threaten its sovereignty. So here is a question, why has the narrative of Bitcoin changed to a store of value? It is a store of value used to protect wealth. From what?

Here is the short story. Our current financial state is in ruin. In fact, it is over. The world wants out of the US dollar system before it crashes and takes everyone with it. There is no come back this time and everyone knows it. The question is what comes next? Well the International Monetary Fund has shown the world over the last few years that the thing they fear can save them… digital assets.

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I know you can sense something is just not right. Everyone that called Bitcoin a scam and a bubble are now loving it. Crypto is now “in”? Oh yes but not in the way everyone thinks. Bitcoin will be used to “park” the wealth and protect it from the current imploding monetary system. Like gold, crypto is independent of Federal Reserve policy. I do not know if the system will be allowed to crash but they will switch to a new digital economy. An economy that each sovereign nation can equally partake. A system without a single fiat reserve currency.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple never looked to upend the system but lay the infrastructure to work with and upgrade the current system. Ripple’s solution has been courted world wide by the IMF. The world’s central banks, the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank, the U.N. the WEF all say not Bitcoin but DLT; distributed ledger technology. Go look it up. Their words not mine. What comes next? The reset. The greatest transfer of wealth in human history. Everything digital backed by precious metals and maybe oil.

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Who are the winners? Many. All the DLT ecosystem. XRP, XLM, IOTA, then the layered DeFi solutions Ethereum, Cardono, Algorand, Flare, XDC. All the utility tokens that solve problems Chainlink, Vechain, Filecoin, Celo and more. Each providing solutions to the new system that expands beyond money and finance.

As for XRP and the lawsuit at worse it will lock the US out of the new system. They can go after Ripple. Ripple can go away. The system lives on through the XRPL Foundation, Xpring, RippleX and all the other independent entities building our ecosystem.

So the magic question is not will banks use XRP? Some already do. The question is when will they all use use XRP. Here is a defining moment. For the first time in history a universal data standard is being implemented across the entire global financial sector. It is ISO20022. Go look it up. It will enable the entire financial sector to communicate. That’s all financial institutions, corporations and financial application providers. Ripplenet has already adopted the ISO20022 standardization.

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So my non-professional advice centers on this. There will be many “winners” in this space. If you follow the big money they are buying and holding. If a person wants to trade then trade. One should build a diversified crypto portfolio. You don’t need a ton of money. Get 5–25% into crypto. Buy some physical gold and silver. Get ready for the pain. Would I sell XRP? Hell no. I know the price will go up and it will not happen like everyone thinks.

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