Environmental friendly Data Center Management Racks by NetrackIndia

The server room is an important unit in most data centers and IT sectors as they control the internal operation of the company in data management, Internet sharing, and memory. These server units have to work continuously to provide uninterrupted service to the client systems. During this process, the server units dissipate a lot of heat and noise which is actually a nuisance to the people working in the surrounding area. It also causes serious health issue and reduces the productivity level of the employee thereby affecting the growth of the company. Therefore, NetrackIndia has given an optimum solution to overcome this issue. The Datacenter Management Racks by NetrackIndia manage the effective working of server unit reducing noise and also prevent heat radiation.

Data Center Management

The Datacenter management racks support good cable management

The Data Center Management Racks also provide provision to manage data cables which otherwise looks clumsy and stranded all over the server room. The stranded cable is a threat as they might tumble employee when they stumble on these cables. The Data Center Management Racks have effectually eliminated the mess and support a neat and a clean environment. These racks are designed to provide a good cooling solution to the data centers.

The eco-friendly Datacenter management racks reduces energy consumption bills

The server rooms consume a lot of power to keep the environment cool. This has actually increased the energy bills and also cost to the company. The data center management racks, with its effective cooling solution, has drastically reduced the energy bills and saved power consumption. This has also helped the employees working in the proximity of data centers to work peacefully. Such clean and the healthy data center management rack are an eco-friendly product as it effectively utilizes the resources available and does not cause any harmful effect on the environment. NetrackIndia with its effective and cost-effective server racking cabinets has won the customer all over.

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