With fear in mind I entered home. My father was very furious but my mother remained cool. That was the time when I left my post graduation studies for a simple reason of being homesick in hostel. I was not habitual to stay without my family anywhere. Somehow I managed to complete 2 months in the Pune university.

At home, that day I couldn’t sleep properly because I was recollecting memories of past 2 months. Next day I went for admission in Mumbai University but were already closed. I was worried and nervous. Till then I had realized that I am missing something bigger in life. On 3rd day I decided to go back. My mother returned from office and we left for Pune. Carrying all guilts in mind I stepped in the ‘Pune university’ campus and rushed to meet the HOD of Botany Department. I was ashamed of my own thoughts and actions and apologized for the same.

HOD of Botany department, politely listened to me and very calmly said, “Don’t worry I haven’t cancelled your admission yet. Student sometimes behave like this but it is good that you realized this well in time. Attend the classes from tomorrow”. His kind, understanding words made me comfortable and happy. I thanked God for listening to my prayers. Amidst all this mental chaos, I lost my hostel room. Thankfully I was adjusted in the common room.

My friends were not in the mood to talk to me that night. Reconnecting with them was then my target. Despite of being surrounded by so co-operative and bubbly friends, I was unable to enjoy with them.

The very next day my hostel routine started by getting up at 5am to avoid queue for the bathrooms. I left for the lectures on time. The whole day I was feeling awkward to face the lecturers and classmates. Later after 2 days everyone accepted me though the Scars of Guilt remained deep rooted. My parents too were happy with me.

I had no clue what made me behave like this?????

Within no time I started liking everything around me as if I had fallen in love…..yess… but with my own self.

Through my own lenses….

The campus was big and beautiful flourished with diverse flora and microfauna. Initial days were spent searching shortcuts through the labyrinth pathways of the campus. Two places we always loved to go were the open canteen and the old canteen, a perfect hangout place for the hostelites.

Main girls hostel was like a heritage building, roofed, surrounded by new constructions and the life there seemed wonderful. It was the most happening place. Filled with sweet and sour stories…..the mess and the food, the girls and the naughty talks, the night walk and the stars, the dreams and the busy schedules……

One more sublime place was the Botany department. It had beautiful botanical garden adorned with diverse flora of Orchids, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms and Ferns. Botany practicals were conducted by collecting various samples of fungi and plants from the campus itself. It also had a large Fossil museum and a huge collection of plant’s fossils. Professors and Lecturers were very strict which helped me to be practically perfect, theoretically strong and disciplined in work.

One more place that I was very fond of was the library, a 3 storey building. That reminded me of the Harry Potter library. The books always mesmerized me and I felt lost there.

Studies continued through thick and thin. Sometimes in the department or in the library or in the hostel. Then as a part of Botany curriculum we had excursions, a kind of nature trail wherein plant samples are collected for herbarium purpose. To increase our plant database we worked for tree census with an organisation called ‘RANWA’.

Thus I finish my short, sweet and sour, Journey Journal. This was possible because I chose to stay back in Pune University. Experience is the best teacher. Thanks to the universe.

Here I jot down few things that I realised…

  1. One must have a goal in life. Some realize it in their 20s and some in their 40s. I fall in the 2nd group.
  2. I was more inclined towards reading, writing, drawing and painting but I chose science. Matter over Mind. I enjoyed drawing diagrams in the journal, collecting herbariums andnature trails. That’s why I liked Botany.
  3. Love thyself. More the positive thoughts and self talks, better the outer world. Life journey becomes smooth.
  4. Whenever a difficult problem/question arises, just relax and say to yourself ‘it’s so easy!!!’. Keep on saying till it becomes easy to solve. Life becomes easy.
  5. Be in the present. It is a gift for you. My behavior was influenced by the past habits and the future fears.

I learned to cherish every moment. Thank you. 🙏🏻



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