App based TV have moved closer

Two years ago (in September 2015) Apple (Tim Cook) said that they believe the future of television is apps. – here is a great example of why that is true.

Plugging in a TV and hooking onto a flow TV stream has worked for years, but as the Internet have set many people free to choose how, when and what to watch on a (Big) screen have lead to flow TV being challenged: people have been given free will and now do not want to rely on editors putting together the stream.

There are many reasons that app based TV can be a better way to find the video delivering the type of content you are looking for. The option to pick a specific app suitable for you needs allows you to dive into a given segment of information, where you are in control of what you want to see, when you want to see it and where you want to see it.

I have an interest in science, spiritual content and other areas. I can find apps which focus on delivering great content in each area. Some apps are free, other subscription based. To me paying a subscription can make a difference in the quality, features and content I get, so it is logic that if you want great content you have to pay. Guess that it is the way that the world works – though much great content can be found on free streaming services like YouTube.

The great example: Netflix app

On Netflix you can find great content, but not only that. You get at great UX (User eXperience) and that is something which normal TV just cannot vary on each channel.

Flow TV is mostly only a stream of scheduled pieces of content. The content and quality vary, but the UX cannot change. Of cause some stations provide more or less extra using things like textTV. Here in Denmark the national broadcasting company (DR) has also been providing some digital non-flow TV using HbbTV which actually adds add alike features using you standard TV and remote control.

That is also great, but still it is a standard which has limitations. It cannot add custom UX like the one example from the Netflix app on the Apple TV I have in my living room:

Skip the introduction of each part in a series you (binge-) watch. Most series have an introduction where you see almost the same information every time. I guess you can recognise having the thought: why don’t they skip this part, I have seen it 10 times already

An app based streaming service can do just that! And actually Netflix has added just that on their Apple TV app.

On the image above in Danish it allows you to skip the intro! Great! :-)

More to come

This is only one example in a TV area only two years old. I am excited to see other features to be introduced. It is only the fantasy which is the limit – so I will agree with Apple: App based TV is the future!

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