One of many reasons why I love the web

This is not a structured post. Another one where I would define it as a “long-tweet”, again Twitter have not yet opened up for longer tweets, so instead I post here to Medium.

The smile on my face and the joy of my mind

I was hit with a feeling of joy as I saw two pens on, a platform for sharing pieces of experiments online. Experiments build using front-end tools like HTML, CSS and Javascript, the building blocks of the web.

The above pen “Apple cords” is by BROWNERD. He spend (I guess) hours drawing a set of cords. Why? Well I don’t know, but I guess that he felt like doing it. Why is this a great pen? you may ask. To me the fact that Brownerd managed to draw simple vector versions of cords is a great achievement, not only technically but also to find a level of details and stick to it across several illustrations. To me these drawing manage to communicate that we here have a collection of well known cords, without actually having a photo of them. Communication is not easy, so this is a success in that context.

We are all living in a grid of constraints

All about my Life…” by Diaco-M.L

Even before you have visited this pen you may be able to understand the message, and even predict the behavior of the pen. The red circle (a person) is bound to a number of points, so moving in any direction the connections to some of the points will have to stretch while other will be released. Just as it is in real life. Something which Diaco-M.L. (probably) had in his mind as he constructed this interactive piece of work.

The fact that you can do such “online installations” using “just” HTML, CSS and Javascript makes me smile. When our mind finds a path to share thoughts is always beautiful, be it through letters and words in a book, strokes on a canvas, nodes in a piece of music or even lines of code in a web app — is is great! is a creative spot on the web

I have been using for years to share my creative pieces of code. I use it for many things and it gives me a lot back!

  • It acts as an always near platform to render my ideas
  • It is my inspiration when I need input to how I can solve a task building websites
  • It is the ultimate place to get critical eyes on my code and ideas. It is not unusual that 1000+ people takes a look at my work, sharing their opinion about my code.
  • It is build by front-end developers for front-end developers so it fits our needs and requirements.
  • I build my human network through CodePen. I chat and interact with both novice and some of the best front-end people on the web through CodePen. It makes the distance from any web developer smaller in that way.

I could probably write even more nice things about it, but for now I will end by thanking all the users of CodePen. You make me smile! :-)

You can find me on codepen as netsi1964

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