You can write posts for directly from your desktop!

I know, has a great interface: So simple, so easy to use requiring only a browser and an account. It was perhaps the reason why I got to write my first posts here on The ease of use when that you write a post — without first having to set up a piece of software on your computer.

My favourite blog software opens a door to

I have my own blog, like many other people who also have a Wordpress based blog, I have for years been posting all my brilliant sharings on blog. Since I have arrived at OS X some years ago I have found rest in Blogo app for writing blog posts to the Wordpress based blog.

The folks at Blogo Inc are implementing integration to from their app. This post actually has been created using Blogo App!

Setting up connection to
is very easy in Blogo

Firstly let me admit that I am a beta tester for Blogo. The version of Blogo app I am using to write this post is at the time of writing (6th of November 2015) a beta version. So this feature is not available in the official Blogo app — but I expect the integration to land in the official version in future.

There is not many steps involved in connecting Blogo App to You simply choose to add a new blog account and enter “”. You are then adviced about how to get an integration token on your account.

You create the integration token by logging into and visiting settings page where you can create the token. Simply copy and paste it to Blogo app, and voila, your are ready to start posting from your desktop to!

Could it actually be so simple?!

Actually right now I cannot answer that — this post has not yet been published, as I type these words. If you can read it on the answer is: Yes, it is so simple! :-)

A wish to Please allow your API to edit posts

As I press “Publish” inside Blogo App I am presented this information:

The API has a limited which makes it not doable for external apps like Blogo app to edit old posts.. That is too bad — hope will update its API with edit posts feature.

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