an industry that previously could not function like software since records were made into CDs and not streamed
English 2.0 — Language that works more like software
Kyle Ryan

Continuously updated software is a very recent phenomenon. Don’t forget that, for the longest time, software was distributed via CDs, just like music records. I believe that this shift we are noticing thanks to Kanye is more a reflection of what the Internet has made possible than anything else.

Software is a natural fit to take advantage of the distributed network of information provided by the Internet. Software and the Internet, after all, both speak the same language: code.

I hope we see all sorts of forms of content being encoded with the disciplined engineering thinking that is traditionally reserved for software.

Wikipedia is a good example. It’s a constantly evolving encyclopedia. No need to buy a new set every 10 years: articles are patched constantly and continuously by editors around the world.

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